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[ November 15, 2019 ]

Christian woman uses Christian doctrine to fight misogynistic, unequal Islamic inheritance laws in Egypt

[ November 15, 2019 ]

Trump Admin Will Fight Antisemitic European Mandate that Jewish-Made Goods Carry ‘Warning Labels’

[ November 15, 2019 ]

WATCH: Kellyanne Conway UNLOADS on Wolf Blitzer for asking her to respond to husband’s comments

[ November 15, 2019 ]

Lying Linda Sarsour’s Vile Response to the Attempted Murder of Jews

[ November 15, 2019 ]

WATCH: ‘The Arab World Backed Hitler Because He Hated the Jews,’ Jordanian Ex-Minister Says

[ November 15, 2019 ]

House Ethics Committee announced it’s investigating Jihad-Rep. Rashida Tlaib

[ November 15, 2019 ]

AOC: Impeachment ‘About Preventing a Potentially Disastrous Outcome from Occurring Next Year’

[ November 15, 2019 ]

“Hillary Clinton Is Nuts”

[ November 15, 2019 ]

Girls, Staff Members Tortured and Kidnapped By Muslims from Christian Run High School Freed

[ November 14, 2019 ]

Chicago: Muslim students riot over alleged Quran burning (VIDEO)


France: The High Court condemns political commentator Eric Zemmour for telling the truth about Islamic invasion

On September 18, 2019, the Court of Appeal sentence against journalist and political commentator Eric Zemmour was confirmed by the High Court ruling, for “incitement to discrimination, hatred or violence” confirming that the law had been correctly applied in this case. Eric Zemmour, one of the last political journalists whose voice has not been silenced,…


Europe protects free speech, and the right to tell the truth – except about Islam

CALLING PROPHET MUHAMMAD A PEDOPHILE NOT PROTECTED BY FREE SPEECH, COURT RULES Newsweek, the first to report about this new European Court of Human Rights ruling, doesn’t seem too happy – it’s a first. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that calling the Prophet Muhammad a pedophile was not protected by freedom of…


Gérard Davet (Le Monde): “There is a slogan in the northern suburbs of Paris: ‘one mosque, three mandates'”

Journalists Gérard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme, who published a survey on Islamization in Seine-Saint-Denis the northern suburb of Paris, talked about the troubled links between mayors and Islamists. Faced with the rise of Islamism in their district, the mayors of Seine-Saint-Denis are not powerless. Le Monde journalists Gérard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme published a book…


Mass killings: what if the problem is not too many weapons, but too much progressism?

America has just gone through four deadly mass shootings. Chicago, a black man shot black people – no mention in the News. Santa Clara Garlic Festival in California – 3 dead, 15 injured. El Paso, Texas, a national socialist shot Mexicans in a shopping mall where Latinos gathers. Dayton, Ohio: A young Democratic activist, supporter…


“No Jewish dykes” at the Dyke march in DC

Dyke March bans Jewish Pride flags; Palestinian flags OK. The D.C. Dyke March, which they claim is an all-inclusive celebration of underrepresented people, is banning Israeli and Jewish Pride flags. Palestinian flags are welcome. The march wants to be more radical than ever, including LGBTQ people of various races, religions, socioeconomic classes and gender identities,…


What the media call “extremist position” on abortion, is the opinion of 70% of Americans

While 6 states have passed very restrictive abortion laws, a poll is destroying what the media would like you to think about the issue. The latest survey by Harvard University’s Center for American Politics, in collaboration with Harris Interactive, revealed that a majority of American voters believe that abortion should be legal until the first…

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