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[ January 26, 2020 ]

Self-Loathing Bernie Sanders rolls out his Jewish Bernie campaign

[ January 26, 2020 ]

WATCH Iowa dad Dad confronts Elizabeth Warren over student loan debt

[ January 26, 2020 ]

The “Palestinian” Victimhood Factory

[ January 26, 2020 ]

VIDEO: Young Muslim boy executes Nigerian Christian in horrifying ISIS video after declaring: ‘We won’t...

[ January 26, 2020 ]

“Conservative” Think Tanks Targets Free Speech/Anti-Sharia Campaigners In ‘Extremism’ Report to Gvmt

[ January 26, 2020 ]

President Trump Soars To Highest Job Approval Rating Of Presidency Despite Impeachment Trial

[ January 25, 2020 ]

Jihad-Rep Rashida Tlaib Retweets Blood Libel Against Jews

[ January 25, 2020 ]

UPS to train delivery drivers how to spot signs of sex slavery

[ January 25, 2020 ]

Mila, the French schoolgirl who insulted Islam, is told by police to go into hiding

[ January 25, 2020 ]

New EU Report on Muslim Integration Unknowingly Exposes Its Disastrous Failures


A French prosecutor is investigating a 16 yr old girl for “hate speech” after she said “Islam is a religion of hate”

A 16-year-old high school student received death and rape threats after she posted a video in which she made insulting remarks about Islam. She filed a complaint. Mila is also under investigation for “inciting racial hatred”. Mila is a 16-year-old teenager from Isère, France. She has been threatened with death and rape from young Muslims…


Macron unleashed a childish scandal in Jerusalem, Chirac-style

Before his meeting with Israeli officials, French President Emmanuel Macron created a small scandal during his visit to the Church of Saint Anne, owned by France in Jerusalem. The Israeli police escort that provides his security wanted to enter the place, which was not appreciated by the President’s security details, and he started a big…


France: 150 occupied territories are held by Islamists, according to a Secret Defense document

France didn’t want to see them. The media said they didn’t exist. They blamed those who used the expression “no-go zone” of being right-wing extremists. These are now Islamist territories, according to the DGSI, French General Directorate for Internal Security. One after the other, French governments have allowed the situation to deteriorate, now the French are footing…


What would happen if Trump didn’t take out Soleimani when he had a chance?

Trump killed Soleimani. Good riddance. Our planet is a bit less polluted. The media, the left, the Democrats (except Joe Lieberman) criticized him and dragged him through the mud. Hypocrites. If Obama had killed Soleimani, they would be popping champagne live on television, and they, not I would denounce Soleimani as the greatest criminal and…


New Year’s Eve in France

A picture worth a thousand words. And I am speechless. Look at the video. It was shot on New Year’s Eve in Strasbourg, France. Do I need to explain who did this? Of course not. You know. I know. We all know. Lawless young Muslims in no-go zones. One would say I have no proof,…


France: The High Court condemns political commentator Eric Zemmour for telling the truth about Islamic invasion

On September 18, 2019, the Court of Appeal sentence against journalist and political commentator Eric Zemmour was confirmed by the High Court ruling, for “incitement to discrimination, hatred or violence” confirming that the law had been correctly applied in this case. Eric Zemmour, one of the last political journalists whose voice has not been silenced,…


Europe protects free speech, and the right to tell the truth – except about Islam

CALLING PROPHET MUHAMMAD A PEDOPHILE NOT PROTECTED BY FREE SPEECH, COURT RULES Newsweek, the first to report about this new European Court of Human Rights ruling, doesn’t seem too happy – it’s a first. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that calling the Prophet Muhammad a pedophile was not protected by freedom of…


Gérard Davet (Le Monde): “There is a slogan in the northern suburbs of Paris: ‘one mosque, three mandates'”

Journalists Gérard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme, who published a survey on Islamization in Seine-Saint-Denis the northern suburb of Paris, talked about the troubled links between mayors and Islamists. Faced with the rise of Islamism in their district, the mayors of Seine-Saint-Denis are not powerless. Le Monde journalists Gérard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme published a book…

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