The Hidden Islamic War Series: Muslim Fighters Slaughtering Europeans In World War II


Dateline Europe, 1936-1945: The tragedy of the situation is that Muslims have been invited to exploit the divisions and inflict carnage in the West. Did you think that by now, 70+ years after World War Two, everything that you need to know about this war is known and was told to you? Think again! Here you will find new facts from this tragic chapter. Take this: European children, women and the elderly fleeing at the sound of the Islamic prayers chanted by strange soldiers while on the attack destroying Spanish, French, Italian and Serbian settlements. “We spared nothing and no one. We uprooted everything and killed everyone we encountered,” said a retired Moroccan Muslim soldier with pride. Slimane Betmaki smiles at the memory of the terror he inflicted on Spanish villagers on behalf of the former dictator Francisco Franco. As was under-reported by Reuters News Service on January 14, 2009, in its World News article, he went on to clarify: “We chanted an Islamic prayer to praise the Prophet Muhammad before launching raids [on European settlements in Spain]. Horrified Spaniards attempted to flee as soon as they heard the words of our prayer.” His rough old face grinned widely as he recounted. 136,000 Moroccan Muslims fought for the conservative side in the Spanish Civil War as “Army of Africa,” the feared vanguard of a military force under the leadership of Fascist General Francisco Franco who used Muslims as mercenaries in a horrible war in which the slaughters of Christian and secular Europeans were committed both by the vile ultra-leftist pro-Soviet forces in Spain, on one side, and by the “let’s kill everybody” forces of wild Muslims whom the conservatives hired out of desperation, on the other side. The main Muslim general in Spain was Mohammed Meziane from Spanish Morocco. He is famous for almost single-handedly marching into the military hospital in captured Toledo in 1936 where he slaughtered well over 200 badly wounded Spanish Republican militia men in their hospital beds. His men were known to practice mutilation by gruesome castration of fallen enemy soldiers. It is safe to say that without the participation of the many zealot Muslims from Spanish Morocco in the 1936-1939 Spanish Civil War, the victory of Fascism in Spain would have been very difficult or impossible.

Democracy in Spain was literally snuffed out by the Moroccan Muslim barbarians whose fanatical Islamic determination to “kill the infidel” was exploited by the Fascists (and later by the Nazis, too, in the Balkans and in France) against the fellow Europeans. The shame on Europe couldn’t have been greater. And so, the Medieval Catholic myth of “maligno moro” (dangerous Moor) of the re-conquest period of Spanish history, was revived in the 20th century thanks to woeful atrocities of the Spanish and French Moroccan fighters (the new Moors). To illustrate their dependency on the ferocity of the African Muslim fighters during the war, Fascist leaders in Spain went as far as organizing a wartime Moroccan pilgrimage to Mecca to show their support for Islam in order to buy an even stronger support for their anti-democratic cause from the Moroccans. The Fascist leader Francisco Franco found the time to build a research center on Islamic studies in Larache, Morocco in July 1937, a new mosque in Ceuta, and “House of Morocco” in Cairo. This is significant because the same Fascist approach of self-deprecating appeasement and enlistment of Muslims for political gain is practiced today on a grand scale by the European and the American Left in order to buy political service from a determined foreign population that takes a side in an ongoing domestic political civil war inside all of the Western countries, an intellectual civil war between the victorious Left and the losing Right that is fought (for now) at the ballot box and not at the barricades, in which Muslim immigrants play the role of political mercenaries for the Left.

The Afghan, Indian and Punjabi Muslims that fought on the British side during World War Two are known for instances of atrocities (for instance, Asian Muslim soldiers fighting on the British side destroyed Buddhist shrines and burned down Buddhist villages in Burma during the difficult fighting against the Japanese). Moreover, the French Moroccan and Algerian troops used by the so-called “Free French” forces in World War Two participated in numerous downplayed atrocities in Europe, for instance, during the Allied conquest of Italy. Moroccan (and some Algerian) forces played a major role in mass rapes of Italian women and killings of Italian men following the German defeat in the bitter Battle of Monte Cassino in 1944. The atrocity is still remembered in Italy as the “Marocchinate”. In the article translated below, a French author, Frederic Sroussi, expounds on this subject, as horrible abuses were committed against the Italian civilians by the troops of French Moroccan “goumiers” (irregular skirmisher troops donated to France by the Sultan of Morocco) and other colonial soldiers of the French Expeditionary Corps during the liberation of Italy between 1943 and 1944. French Moroccans in particular, but also African soldiers of other nationalities, raped thousands of women, girls, and men during this period. They pillaged villages and killed those Italian civilians who tried to protect their wives and children. According to the Italian women’s organization, Unione delle Donne Italiane, 12,000 women were raped at that time by the French colonial troops of Muslim heritage. This figure is quite credible, as the historian, Tommaso Baris, a professor at the Faculty of Political Science at La Sapienza University in Rome, wrote a detailed study on the subject, reproduced in the prestigious magazine Twentieth Century. General Juin, commander-in-chief of the French contingent, solemnly declared on the subject of these rapes and murders: “We must put an end to these acts, unworthy of a victorious army.” However, his instruction went unheeded. An Italian film, titled La Ciociara, about these odious collective rapes, was shot in 1960, according to the book of Alberto Moravia, directed by the famous actor and director Vittorio De Sica, with Sophia Loren in the lead role.

We learn that in southern France, in early 1944, the German SS officers created a military unit of French Muslims for the purpose of barbaric counterattacks on those southern French villages where some supporters of the French resistance (the Maquis) lived. In Yugoslavia, in 1941, the German occupiers directed by Heinrich Himmler had connected with the Bosnian Muslims and the Albanian Muslims, to incite them and encourage them to join Nazi Germany’s special forces (not the regular German Army units) against the Serbs and the Communist partisans resisting the German occupation. He assigned them a Nazi German commander, Herr Sauberzweig. The famous cousin of Yasser Arafat, the Jerusalem Mufti, Hajj Amin al-Hussaini, the founder of World Islamic Congress, did try to help the Nazis with Arab recruitment (after a meeting with Hitler in late 1941) but lacked a power base in the Middle East from which to effect that. However, he helped the Germans put together the Bosnian Muslim division. These units all had terrifying names as if to denote their vicious value. The infamous Bosnian Muslim SS division “Handzar” (named after a dreaded cold dagger style weapon introduced by the Turks centuries earlier) was created out of these efforts, and in southern Serbia and Albania two additional Balkan Muslim irregular military units were drawn up, the “Skenderbeg” division (named after an old Albanian nationalist icon) and “Kama” SS unit (kama means “a striking knife used for slicing throats of animals and men”), and operated together. These units (with many thousands of men) were extremely dreaded by the Serb and Montenegrin villagers in the Balkans because their methods of torture, pillage, and murder were particularly vicious and infinitely worse than any German methods of liquidation of opposition.

As part of their MO, the Nazi-supplied Bosnian and Albanian Muslim terrorist fighters in the Balkans used to tear to pieces mothers in front of their babies, toss babies into the air so they could land on the tips of their knives and bayonets, burn down old villagers in their homes and churches, carve signs into the foreheads of the dying, laugh at people who are screaming in agony of pain and sorrow, etc. The terror factor behind the deployment of these Balkan Muslim mercenaries for the Nazi forces was achieved effectively and successfully. However, unlike their Spanish allies who used masses of African Muslims, the Germans could not recruit Balkan Muslims or Arab Muslims in numbers sufficient to turn the tide of war. We learn in the article below that there was also an all-volunteer Arab military unit serving with Rommel’s Afrika Corps, albeit too small to affect any outcome. In Russia, the Nazis were able to recruit the Crimean and the Caucasian Turkic and Tartar tribes of Moslems (relatives of the Chechens and Dagestanis who today represent a significant population source of recruits for ISIS and other terror networks across the world) to join them in anti-partisan warfare activities in Ukraine (siege of Sebastopol) and Russia, where an untold number of atrocities against the Russian and Ukrainian villagers was committed by the Muslim allies of the German Nazis on the Eastern Front. Stalin punished these Muslim tribes after the war with wholesale NKVD extermination campaigns of forceful suppression and hostile resettlement in inhospitable quarters of Siberia. In Yugoslavia, in one instance in 1945, Tito’s victorious Red partisans liquidated almost 10,000 surrendered Montenegrin, Bosnian and Albanian Muslim recruits from the defeated Nazi butcher battalions as punishment for their activities with the Nazis.

What all these facts about the Muslim participation in World War Two have in common is the utter sociopathic ruthlessness against non-Muslims augmented by the enjoyment of killing “infidels” in war, all in the name of Islam, at the end of the day. Does anyone seriously believe that these demons lurking in the elusive heritage of peoples will not return some day in full force?

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Arab-Muslim War Crimes in Europe During the Second World War

French public television has just broadcast the film ” Indigenes “. This 2006 feature features the story of four North African soldiers who fought under the French flag during the Second World War. The latter, accompanied by their brothers in arms, will – I quote the text of the trailer of the film – liberate Italy, Provence, Vosges. Obviously, the purpose of this cinematographic work is political and aims to promote the idea that the Arabs fought Nazism and fought for France. Yes, indeed colonial troops, among them Moroccan goumiers or Algerian spahis, waged war under the colors of the French Expeditionary Corps during the Second World Conflict, but what the film does not say is that the Nazis, on the other hand, also had their Muslim troops, Arab or non-Arab, capable of forming whole divisions.

In February 1943 Hitler signed an order for the creation of the first Muslim Waffen-SS formation in Yugoslavia. This will be the 13th Waffen Gerbirsdivision der SS, or division Handschar formed of Bosniak Muslims. It should be noted that the Wehrmacht had Catholic and Protestant chaplains but no chaplain was present in the Waffen-SS. On the other hand, there were imams and they served in the SS Handschar division – one of the instructors of this division was a certain Ernst Wilhelm Springer who, years later, served the Algerian FLN. Also created in the Balkans was the 21st division of Muslim SS “Skanderbeg” and the 23rd division of Muslims SS “Kama”. There was also, for example, a unit of Arab volunteers of the German army called Deutsch-Arabische Lehr Abteilung, etc. In France more particularly, Arabs were members of the African Phalange, a unit created by the champions of Nazi collaboration, such as Georges Guilbaud, who was a member of the French Popular Party of the ex-communist Jacques Doriot. There was also the North African Brigade – to which we will return in more detail later. The latter, composed solely of Muslims living in France, was commanded by the Algerian Mohamed El-Maadi who was a member of the extreme right-wing anti-Semite French in the thirties and an old cagoulard [French sympathizers of Fascism]. For a time, he became close to the other major French collaborationist party, the National Popular Rally.

First of all, we regret that the film “Indigenes” director Rashid Bouchareb does not show the horrible abuses committed against the Italian civilians by the troops of Moroccan goumiers and other colonial soldiers of the French Expeditionary Corps during the liberation of Italy Between 1943 and 1944. Moroccans in particular, but also African soldiers of other nationalities, raped thousands of women, girls, and men during this period. They pillaged villages and killed those who tried to protect their wives and children. According to the Italian women’s Communist organization, Unione delle Donne Italiane, 12,000 women were raped at that time by the French colonial troops. This figure is quite credible, as the historian Tommaso Baris, a professor at the Faculty of Political Science at La Sapienza University in Rome, wrote and wrote a detailed study on the subject, reproduced in the prestigious magazine Twentieth Century. General Juin, commander-in-chief of the French contingent, solemnly declared on the subject of these rapes and murders: ” We must put an end to these acts, unworthy of a victorious army .” But the abuses continued.

Another film, La Ciociara , about these odious collective rapes was shot in 1960, according to the book of Alberto Moravia, by Vittorio De Sica, with Sophia Loren in the lead role. Ironically, the two films, that of De Sica and that of Boushared were screened at the Cannes Film Festival, about 45 years apart: O tempora, O mores. Obviously, no recollection of these atrocious facts exists in the film of Rashid Bouchareb, praised at the time by Jacques Chirac. These abuses of truth [in the film] were also denounced by – among others – the military historian Edward L. Bimberg, a former US Army officer during the Second World War, who personally rubbed shoulders with the Moroccan goumiers, the enemy. Let us add that it is obvious that if the British and American armies had not landed in North Africa to push towards Italy and the south of France, these colonial troops would have had nothing to deliver at all, for they would never have been able to change the course of the war on their own, of course. Turning now to this often overlooked episode of the collaboration in France involving North African Muslims, we want to talk about the ” SS Mohamed “, as they were called at the time. Investigative journalists Faligot and Kauffer wrote in their excellent book “Le Croissant et la Croix Gammee” that the creation of this North African brigade was the work of several men, including the sinister Lafont, the head of the French Gestapo, located at Rue Lauriston in Paris. Nazi captain Wilhelm Radecke of the Abwehr served as a bridge between the far-right journalist and former farm cowboy Mohamed El-Maadi and the torturer of the French Gestapo, Lafont. The two men were friends. El-Maadi was even able to meet a co-religionist already a member of the French Gestapo, in the person of Mohamed Begdane, known as ” Jean le Manchot “. Several hundred Arabs and Kabyles of the district of the Goutte d’Or, in Paris mainly, were selected for this North African brigade of Nazi collaborators, whom the butcher of Lauriston Street, Lafont, wished to command. The brigade was officially founded on January 28, 1944. As Faligot and Kauffer recount in their book: ” Mohamed El-Maadi will launch the Jihad against the maquis of Dordogne and Correze, mainly FTP, ie “the Reds” … Once their headquarters were installed in Tulle, the torturers of the Rue Lauriston had their Arab commandos sweep through the villages known to be close to the Resistance. At Brantome, near Perigueux, two SS officers were ambushed. Alex Villeplane – a close friend of Lafont – organized a systematic reprisal looting. The men of El-Maadi earn the nickname ” SS Mohamed ” due to the atrocities they committed in this operation. In the acts of pillage, assassination, rape, and abuses of all kinds, the North African Brigade participated in a bloody way.

It can, therefore, be said that some decisive parts of French history remain obscured for ideological reasons. Let us shed light on these repressed or knowingly hidden events so that the clear understanding of history can sweep away the propaganda discourse that makes us swallow up the well-thinking mainstream media politics and ” showbiz “.

Amin al-Hussaini inspects Bosnian Muslim Handzar Division honor guard
Palestinian Mufti, Amin al-Hussaini, inspects Bosnian Muslim Handzar Division honor guard in 1943.

Bosnian Muslim Handzar Division soldiers praying
Bosnian Muslim Handzar Division soldiers praying.

Albanian Mountain SS Division unit created by Himmler
Albanian Mountain SS Division “Skenderbeg” unit created by Himmler.

Spanish Moroccan soldiers in action
Spanish Moroccan soldiers in action


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