Holocaust Mufti Demanded Slaughter of 400,000 Jews ….and got it

The only difference between Hitler and the Mufti is that Hitler was defeated and punished. The slaughtering Mufti went on to spawn Yasser Arafat, inspire Saddam Hussein, and work to destroy the Jewish homeland and its people. There is no statute of limitations on genocide. I indict the Mufti and the Muslim world. They were equal partners in mass death. Not only does the ummah not own what they did (let alone, G-d forbid, apologize, as the Germans have done repeatedly), but they are still pursuing the annihilation of the Jews (not to mention all non-believers).

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Journalist Maurice Pearlman, who reviewed the records of Eichmann's
meetings with the Mufti at the trials for Nazi leader in Nuremberg,
wrote a book entitled THE MUFTI OF JERUSALEM, published in 1947, in
which Pearlman noted that the Mufti instructed Eichmann that the way in
which the Nazis could best persecute the Jews was to do so slowly and
in stages, so as to catch them unaware of the next stage of

Eichmann offered reciprocal hospitality for the Mufti in Nazi
Germany. In 1939, with the outbreak of World War II, the British
government, then presiding over the mandatory government in Palestine,
expelled the Mufti, who chose to travel to fascist Italy and then to
Berlin, where he remained for the remainder of World War II. Hitler
provided the Mufti with a radio station in Berlin from where he
propagated the Nazi message in the Arabic language, and the Mufti was
assigned the task of organizing a Moslem
contingent of the Nazi murder machine which killed Jews throughout Yuogoslavia.

The Mufti obtained Hitler's assurance in November 1941 that after
dealing with the Jews of Europe, Hitler would treat the Jews of the
Middle East similarly.

Husseini promised the support of the Arabs for the Nazi war effort.
In Berlin, Husseini used the money confiscated from Jewish victims, to
finance pro-Nazi activities in the Middle East and to raise 20,000
Muslim troops in Bosnia, in the Hanjar Waffen S.S., who murdered tens
of thousands of Serbs and Jews in the Balkans and served as police
auxiliary in Hungary.

Heinreich Himmler, the chief administrator of the Nazi death
machine, brought the Mufti on numerous tours of the death camps. Most
recently, a book was written about the ZunderKommandos, whose task it
was to remove the dead Jews from the crematoria.

One of those ZunderKommandos remarked in an interview with a
researcher that he witnessed a man with a turban whom the Nazi camp
commandant brought to witness the gassing of he Jews and the removal of
the bodies from the gas chambers, the stripping of their valuables and
the burning of their remains. The Nazi told the ZunderKommando that
this was the Mufti of Jerusalem. During the final months of the war,
the Mufti actually lived in Hitler's bunker. Although arrested by the
French army, the Mufti was somehow able to escape to Cairo. The Mufti
was later sentenced to death in absentia in Yugoslavia.

After Adolf Eichmann was abducted and brought to Jerusalem for
trial in 1961, Golda Meir, then the foreign minister of Israel,
demanded that the Mufti also be brought to trial for the same crime of
genocide against the Jewish people.
(more here)

Nazis adopted the Muslim idea of Jihad –  total
destruction and complete annihilation in the spirit of a Holy War.

"Silence is filth," wrote Ze'ev Jabotinsky (quote hat tip CC)

According to the Arab Higher Committee:

In virtually identical letters, the Mufti, in the summer of 1944, approached Germany, Roumania, Bulgaria, and Hungary to speed the extermination of the Jews by sending them to Poland where the Nazi death chambers were located.

Instead of being deported to Palestine [nee Israel] as was intended, the Mufti demanded 400,00o Jews be sent to their death. That's not merely a collaborator, that's partner with great influence and power.

Those Auschwitz blueprints…………..why the secret 65 years later?

As a Sequel to This Request

400,000 Jews Were Subsequently Killed


June 28, 1943

His Excellency
The Minister of Foreign Affairs for Hungary

Your Excellency:

You no doubt know of the struggle between the Arabs and Jews of Palestine, what it has been and what it is, a long and bloody fight, brought about by the desire of the Jews to create a national home, a Jewish State in the Near East, with the help and protection of England and the United States. In fact, behind it lies the hope which the Jews have never relinquished, namely, the domination of the whole world through this important, strategic center, Palestine. It effect, their program has, among other purposes, always aimed at the encouragement of Jewish emigration to Palestine and the other countries of the Near East. However, the war, as well as the understanding which the members of the Three-Power Pact have of the responsibility of the Jews for its outbreak and finally their evil intentions towards these countries which protected them until now – all these are reasons for placing them under such vigilant control as will definitely stop their emigration to Palestine or elsewhere.

Lately I have been informed of the uninterrupted efforts made by the English and the Jews to obtain permission for the Jews living in your country to leave for Palestine via Bulgaria and Turkey.

I have also learned that these negotiations were successful, since some of the Jews of Hungary have had the satisfaction of emigrating to Palestine via Bulgaria and Turkey and that a group of these Jews arrived in Palestine towards the end of last March. The Jewish Agency, which supervises the execution of the Jewish program, has published a bulletin which contains important information on the current negotiations between the English Government and the governments of other interested states to send the Jews of Balkan countries to Palestine. The Jewish Agency quotes, among other things, its receipt of a sufficient number of immigration certificates for 900 Jewish children to be transported from Hungary, accompanied by 100 adults.

To authorize these Jews to leave your country under the above circumstances and in this way, would by no means solve the Jewish problem and would certainly not protect your country against their evil influence – far from it! – for this escape would make it possible for them to communicate and combine freely with their radical brethren in enemy countries in order to strengthen their position and to exert a more dangerous influence on the outcome of the war, especially since, as a consequence of their long stay in your country, they are necessarily in a position to know many of your secrets and also about your war effort. All this comes on top of the terrible damage done to the friendly Arab nation which has taken its place at your side in this war and which cherishes for your country the most sincere feelings and the very best wishes.

This is the reason why I ask your Excellency to permit me to draw your attention to the necessity of preventing the Jews from leaving your country for Palestine; and if there are reasons which make their removal necessary, it would be indispensable and infinitely preferable to send them to other countries where they would find themselves under active control, for example, in Poland, in order thereby to protect oneself from their menace and avoid the consequent damage.

Yours, etc.

And so the Mufti demands that Jews who were going to be deported from Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, etc.,  to the Jewish homeland be deported to the death camps of Poland instead.


Draft Found Among the Official Papers of the
Mufti in Germany; Notations in Arabic in the
Mufti’s Handwriting in the French Text

Germany and Italy officially declare their policy to the Arab countries as follows, and undertake to orient their action to achieve this policy:

(1) Germany and Italy recognize the complete independence of the Arab states already independent: Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

(2) Germany and Italy also recognize the independence of the Arab countries now under the British mandate, such as Palestine and Transjordan, or present colonies under British protection, such as Koweit, Dobay, Oman Hadramout.

(3) Germany and Italy declare they have no objection to action by Syria and Lebanon to obtain complete independence.

(4) The Axis powers declare null and void the reservations by England with respect to the independence of Egypt and the Sudan. Italy reserves to herself the right to render secure her imperial communications through the Sudan by agreement with Egypt.

(5) Germany and Italy will not interpose any juridical objections to the complete independence of the Arab countries such as is interposed by the mandate system, a hypercritical invention of the League of Nations and of the democracies in order to camouflage their imperial ambitions.

(6) Germany and Italy recognize the right of the Arab countries to establish their national unity through one or more federations in accordance with their own interests and wishes. The governments of the Axis will interpose no objections to the Arab countries in their efforts to carry out a program aimed at securing their national unity.

(7) Germany and Italy recognize the illegality of the ‘Jewish Home in Palestine.’ They accord to Palestine and to other Arab countries the right to resolve the problem of the Jewish elements in Palestine and other Arab countries in accordance with the interests of the Arabs, and by the same method that the question is now being settled in the Axis countries. Under this agreement no Jewish immigration into the Arab countries should be permitted.

(8) Germany and Italy demand nothing better than to see the whole Arab nation enjoying a great prosperity and assuming an historical and natural role in vital and legitimate frontiers. They hope for a new and better order in the world and for economic cooperation with the Axis parties on the basis of reciprocal interest. They ask of the Arab countries that in Palestine and elsewhere the status quo be respected of the Christian missions and churches and to assure to them the free exercise of their religions, as well as the unhampered activity of their social welfare institutions, such as hospitals, orphanages, and refuges for the blind.

This is as conclusive as it gets. He was the instigator for all out extermination. End of story. This turns the whole Holocaust history on its head. What a disgrace, how he managed to stay clean. Enjoyed the protection of Britain, Germany, Russia, and of course the craven media unable and unwilling to turn some stones. Hat tip Armaros  The pro­gram of wholesale physical extermination began:

It is hardly accidental that the beginning of the system­atic physical destruction of European Jewry by Hitler's Third Reich roughly coincided with the Mufti's arrival in the Axis camp.

Up to mid-1941, the official German policy vis-a-vis the Jews was one of forced mass emigration from the Reich's "vital space." After the annexation of Austria in 1938, the "Jewish Emigration Office" headed by Adolf Eichmann, succeeded, within eight months, in impelling 45,000 Jews to leave the country. The Office took no interest in the ultimate destination of the expellees, and Eichmann is known to have cooperated with Zionist leaders toward the acceleration of such a mass exodus. The same policy was applied in Czechoslovakia when, in July 1939, Eichmann was transferred to Prague to head the branch of the "Cen­tral Office for Jewish Emigration" in the German Protec­torate of Bohemia and Moravia. The announced goal was the emigration of 70,000 Jews within a year, and within the first sis months some 35,000 Jews had left the Protec­torate. Given exit permits, they were dumped at various European ports. Thousands were put aboard German ships with forged British certificates for Palestine or with bogus Latin-American visas. In 1933-1939 alone, a total of 80,000 Jews had left Austria and Czechoslovakia under Eichmann's "auspices"—and under duress- As it turned out, they thus escaped being gassed In Auschwitz by order of the same Adolf Eichmann.

In the second half of 1939 the emigration scheme was suddenly abandoned- Yet, for months to come, the alter­native to emigration was still not slaughter but isolation in ghettos, deportation to the East, and slave labor. The pro­gram of wholesale physical extermination began only after the Mufti's arrival on the scene. The formal decision to annihilate the Jews who had survived the ghettos, forced labor, starvation, and disease, was taken at the Wannsee interdepartmental conference on January 20, 1942, two months after the Mufti's landing in Berlin.

It would he both wrong and misleading to assume that the presence of Haj Amin el-Husseini was the sole, or even the major factor in the shaping and intensification of the Nazi "final solution of the Jewish problem," which supplanted forced emigration by wholesale extermination. There is, however, abundant first-hand evidence of the part the Mufti played in making foolproof the ban on emigration. 

Mufti slaughter1

Mufti slaughter2

Mufti slaughter 3

The Mufti Communicates Anger to Ribbentrop
for the Germans' Release of Jews in 1944

Mufti slaughter 4

Berlin July 25, 1944

To His Excellency

The Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Your Excellency:

I have previously called the attention
of your Excellency to the constant attempts of the Jews to emigrate from
Europe in order to reach Palestine, and asked your Excellency to undertake
the necessary steps so as to prevent the Jews from emigrating. I had also
sent you a letter, under date of June 5, 1944, in regard to the plan for
an exchange of Egyptians living in Germany with Palestinian Germans, in
which I asked you to exclude the Jews from this plan of exchange. I have,
however, learned that the Jews did depart on July 2, 1944, and I am afraid
that further groups of Jews will leave for Palestine from Germany and France
to be exchanged for Palestinian Germans.

This exchange on the part of the Germans
would encourage the Balkan countries likewise to send their Jews to Palestine.
This step would be incomprehensible to the Arabs and Moslems after your
Excellency's declaration of November 2, 1943 that "the destruction of the
so-called Jewish national home in Palestine is an immutable part of the
policy of the greater German Reich" and it would create in them a feeling
of keen disappointment.

It is for this reason that I ask your
Excellency to do all that is necessary to prohibit the emigration of Jews
to Palestine, and in this way your Excellency would give a new practical
example of the policy of the naturally allied and friendly Germany towards
the Arab Nation.

Yours, etc.

Source: The Arab Committee …. The Documentary

And what was the Mufti doing after the war while war criminals were being punished? The mufti was in Egypt, under the protection of King Farouk, supported by the Muslim Brotherhood, arming to wipe out Israel. Check out this news report from the Canadian Jewish Chronicle, January 31, 1947:

Mufti 1947


The Mufti's legacy did not stop when he escaped the defeated Nazi
Germany. Upon arrival in Cairo, he resumed the role that he had left,
as the spiritual leader — in exile — of the Palestinian Arab
community. The Mufti played a key role in the decision of the Arab
League to reject the UN paritition plan in 1947 to declare a Jewish and
an Arab state in Palestine. Instead, the Mufti rallied Arabs throughout
the Arab world to apply Hitler's

concept of the final solution to wipe out the Jews in their nascent state of Israel.

The Mufti raised a new generation of young Palestinian Arabs to
form a new Moslem brotherhood to take up the cause of a lifelong effort
to eradicate the Jewish state. (here)

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