Mosque Imam Arrested for Involvement in Bombings

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” The President of Turkey Recip Erdogan. To which I say and have said repeatedly, “monitor the mosques.’ Mosque Imam along with two Talib Arrested in Herat: local officials One mosque Imam along with two Talib affiliates detained…


Our Oil Money Goes to Saudi Arabia to Fund Jihad Terrorism In Europe

The candid truth about the admitted prosperity that the Albanians experienced under the Serbian rule (before the Clinton Administration interference in 1998-1999) is emerging even from the old enemy of Serbia, the New York Times newspaper!


Florida Imam: Only way to defeat Israel is do what Omar ibn Al-Khattab did, send “the companions and the army, thousand after thousand, and they sacrificed and they were martyred, in order to liberate it”

The poison spewed from imams and Muslim leaders in mosques across America (and the world) is met with …. a shrug. Incitement to violence and murder is protected as religious speech. But look sideways at a hijab, and you’ll make the morning papers.


Another U.S. Imam incites to violence against the Jews

There is little difference between the norming of Islamic Jew-hatred and that of of the Nazis in the 1930s. Nothing in the mainstream press about it. No apoplectic pundits and commentators on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, waving a finger about it on the Sunday morning shows. On the contrary, daily bleating about “islamophobia” is the cultural order of the day. Again, eerily similar to the tactics of the Nazis as well.

These are dark days in America.

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