Sting sings “Inshallah” at Paris’ Bataclan theater on anniversary of jihad massacre

“Inshallah: it’s a magnificent word.” 89 people were massacred inside the Bataclan, and the last word they heard was likely that same name, “Allah.” Sting ought to be ashamed of himself. Like the rest of the Western intelligentsia, he thinks that his most important duty after a jihad massacre carried out in the name of…


French Muslim celebs condemn terror attacks EXCEPT attacks on Jews

Islamic Jew-hatred — it’s in the Qur’an. French Muslim celebs condemn terror attacks EXCEPT the attacks in Toulouse and the Kosher market attack in Paris Publié le 31 Juil 2016 Honteux : un collectif de personnalités musulmanes françaises dénonce les attentats en France… sauf ceux de Toulouse et de l’Hyper Un collectif de personnalités musulmanes…


France ‘SUPPRESSED NEWS OF GRUESOME TORTURE’ at Bataclan JIHAD Massacre: gouged out eyes, castrated victims, shoved testicles in their mouths, some disemboweled, Women stabbed in genitals

Police witnesses in Parliament said they vomited when they saw the disfigured bodies. Again we ask, why are Western elites protecting the savage barbarians who are committing unspeakable acts of violence and torture in the cause of Allah? Why scrub the evil from the evildoers? When is it going to stop? When are rational, civilized,…


Paris jihad terrorist Salah Abdeslam BOOED by Muslim inmates at his prison – because he didn’t go through with his suicide bombing

The Muslim mastermind behind the Paris jihad terror attacks was booed by Muslim inmates after arriving in jail — because he failed to carry out his suicide bombing. Apparently, there wasn’t enough infidel blood shed. 130 kuffar dead, 400 injured didn’t satiate the religious bloodlust of these devout savages. Christians didn’t jeer or whistle. Jews…


Israel boycott halted security deal that could have foiled Paris attacks

Will it make a difference? No. France is a victim of its bigotry and hatred — and held captive by its Jew-hating Muslim population. PC anti-semitism cost France lives. Merde. “Israel boycott halted security deal that could have foiled Paris attacks,” By Times of Israel staff, April 26, 2016: Israeli security source says offer of…

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