Protests Rage Across Europe: Millions March in Defense of INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM

I never thought I’d say this but America is a global embarrassment.

Hundreds of thousands protested in defense of individual freedom.The world is more America than…….. America.

Social media was awash with tweets and Facebook posts describing the protesters as selfish and irresponsible, but alongside the anger was a sense of shame.

The streams, the threads, the currents rolling on social media. The topics, of course, are wholly controlled by them and this new mad obsession with the unvaccinated. The unvaxxed are the Democrat version of India’s untouchables, Germany’s Jew, the Turks infidels. Seriously, The hatred being incited against the unvaccinated it’s very dangerous.

Things don’t just happen, they are made to happen.

Robert Spencer in Germany: Fighting for Freedom Worldwide

Erste Bilder aus Berlin Pictures and reports from the rally against the Islamisation of  Europe in Berlin, with 200 participants as a new, particular civil resistance against Islam.  Spencer at human rights rally in Germany Today I spoke in Berlin at a rally against antisemitism and Islamization, sponsored by Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa (BPE), the most…

Pamela Geller, American Thinker: The Case for Iran

I have the lead article at The American Thinker today (and Saturday too!): The Case for Iran: Fighting for Freedom. The ultimate question is what a regime change, or even modification of the regime with a Mousavi as president, would mean to Iran's nuclear program. More It articulates quite clearly my take and thinking on…


Wilders took America by storm. I will have the video, pictures and speeches up by tonight of our event Friday. You must watch the event and send it to everyone. Wilders brought down da hous. Also, the latest polls show that Wilders' party is the biggest party in the Netherlands. Check out the notoriously hostile…

Natan Sharansky on Dissident Bush

Important principles may, and must, be inflexible. Abraham Lincoln Read Natan Sharansky on President Bush in today’s Wall Street Journal; Dissident BushGeorge W. Bush has the courage to speak out for freedom. There are two distinct marks of a dissident. First, dissidents are fired by ideas and stay true to them no matter the consequences….

Raise Your Purple Fingers Everyone!

Americans for a Free Iraq Raise a Purple Finger for Freedom – Show Solidarity with Free Iraqis in Their Upcoming Election www.purplefingerforfreedom.org  On December 15, the people of Iraq will do what no American should ever have to contemplate. They will risk their lives to vote. For the third time this year, the brave people…

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