Calls to Orlando jihadi’s Taliban father and other relatives are now redirected to a phone number for terror-tied CAIR

This tells you all you need to know about the Orlando jihadi’s family and Hamas-tied CAIR. Hamas-CAIR makes these limp-wristed, toothless statements about terror after Islamic slaughter, but the fact is, they unequivocally stand with the jihadis. “Hamas-Linked CAIR Lawyers-Up Orlando Terrorist’s Family, Mosque Suspects,” Counter Jihad, June 23, 2106 Even as the FBI has…

Sharansky: Annapolis Catastrophic for Israel

Ugh ….everything I’ve been saying. And the Condi smackdown is long overdue. Long overdue. WASHINGTON — A former Soviet dissident and Israeli deputy premier whose ideas President Bush has cited as an inspiration for his ambitious freedom agenda said the peace talks kicked off this week at Annapolis "has nothing to do with promoting democracy,"…

Bush’s Tragic Misstep: OIC Envoy

I heard Fred Barnes (whom I adore) advise the FOX all-stars on Brit Hume’s Special Report that Bush’s appoointment of a newly created envoy to the OIC was basically a harmless gesture. Even if the "moderate" Muslims won’t finally come out into the streets and protest Islamic jihad and violence, the special envoy appointment will…

Failing IRAN and the WEST: Hanging on the Telephone with Natan Sharansky

UPDATED  JUNE 16TH – *SCROLL* DOWN Tim of The Heritage Foundation put together a bloggers’ conference call with Natan Sharansky (clearly a man with an eye on the future.)  He addressed the  Western strategy of engaging the Iranian regime as well as the systematic destruction of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim artifacts on the Temple Mount…

Natan Sharansky on Dissident Bush

Important principles may, and must, be inflexible. Abraham Lincoln Read Natan Sharansky on President Bush in today’s Wall Street Journal; Dissident BushGeorge W. Bush has the courage to speak out for freedom. There are two distinct marks of a dissident. First, dissidents are fired by ideas and stay true to them no matter the consequences….

US Goes into Syria, Iran’s whore Proxy

US forces have entered Syria. Not a surprise considering Syria, as a proxy for Iran, has been undermining our efforts in Iraq since the onset of the liberation of Iraq and decisive action was long overdue. Many of our boys have died because of the foreign fighters and border skirmishes Syria has been engaging in….

Turning Point: President Bush’s address to the U.S. Naval Academy

President Bush addressed the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis and outlined his vision for achieving success in the Iraqi war. The speech will without question be referred to in upcoming days and will mark a turning point in his presidency. Every quote is a pull quote so I am insisting Click below to read READ…

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