WINNING: NATO pledges to boost defense spending after stern words from Trump

This is what effective leadership looks like. Meanwhile notorious left wing stooges like John Kerry continue to serve their totalitarian overlords. Craven Kerry whined that Trump’s winning comments about Germany were “strange” and “counterproductive.” “It was disgraceful, destructive, and flies in the face of the actual interests of the United States of America,” Kerry said in a statement, claiming Trump “set America back this morning.”

Pot meet kettle.


The Death of Europe

In 1973, Jean Raspail, a well-traveled and cultured Frenchman, published Le Camp des saints (The Camp of the Saints), a dystopian novel envisioning a Muslim armada invading a culturally incapacitated Europe. Fifty years later, Europe is being invaded by an armada not of warships, but of rickety wooden and plastic boats….

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