“The Butcher of Tehran” Ebrahim Raisi inaugurated as President of Iran

And “Biden” sharpens their blade.

Ebrahim Raisi is one of the most brutal human beings alive. Raisi has been responsible for mass executions, torture, terror, and theft against the people of Iran. Raisi is also a radical anti-Semite, and he despises America intensely. Under no circumstances should America negotiate with a regime that appoints such a sadistic and brutal human being as president. Watch the videos from the Israel Foreign Ministry below.

Israel Blames Iran For Attack On Tanker Off Oman That Killed Two

Under the Trump Administration, Iran was on it’s knees. They were bankrupt and isolated, as peace agreements were being signed between Israel and the Gulf states. In addition, Iran’s leaders believed that the Trump Administration would exercise a military option against Iran’s nuclear program if necessary. Those days are long gone. Today, the Biden Administration is working diligently to re-enter the JCPOA, as Iran’s leaders continue to cause utter chaos in the Middle East.

IDF: Hezb’Allah (Party of Allah) Storing MASSIVE Weapons Depot Next To a School

Democrats sanction slaughtering innocent children if it’s in the cause of Jew hatred.
Hezbollah is an Iran backed terrorist organization. Hezbollah (like Hamas) indiscriminately fires rockets at Israel from Lebanon’s civilian population. Essentially using Lebanon’s civilians as human shields. They do this knowing full well that the anti-Semitic mainstream media will blame Israel for high civilian casualties.

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