Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: Social networks should NOT be fact-checking what political speech, “Internet platforms shouldn’t be arbiters of truth,” Pelosi meltsdown

Only in leftist America is what Zuckerbertg said “outrageous” and “controversial.”  Political speech is the most protected speech under the first amendment (not the second, third, or fourth but the first). It is the foundation of our constitutional republic.

Fascists like Nancy Pelosi are unhinged.  She lashed out at Mark Zuckerberg saying Zuckerberg  ‘panders to the White House’ to avoid taxes, regulations.”


YouTube REMOVES viral video of two California doctors questioning stay-at-home orders (watch video here)

Google must be broken up. They own YouTube. We are under siege by big tech authoritarians. The idea of limiting media monopolies is not new. “Beginning in 1975, FCC rules banned cross-ownership by a single entity of a daily newspaper and television or radio broadcast station operating in the same market.” The ruling was put in place to limit media concentration in TV and radio markets, because they use public airwaves. The technology changed but the objective is the same. The FCC designed rules to make sure that there is a diversity of voices and opinions on the airwaves. That diversity no longer exists.

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