Jew-hating Muslim student group at UC-Santa Barbara endorse ‘Armed Resistance,’ post threatening photos with AK-47, pistols

Without the accompanying news copy, one might think this photo was taken at an ISIS or al Qaeda training camp, or at the base of any mujahadeen army waging holy war in the cause of Islam. But no, these photos are posted by Jew-hating Muslims at University of California, Santa Barbara in support of armed war against the Jewish state.


Northeastern University Students Shoot Down SJP Attempt to Target Israel with Divestment Referendum

Students at Northeastern University in Massachusetts put a stop to a proposal submitted by Students for Justice in Palestine that would have targeted Israel for divestment. The proposal called for boycotts of Hewlett-Packard companies. But the Student Government Association said no. With a vote of 47 to 7, they stopped the proposal from passing. The…


Hollywood airheads write to Trump to protest his cutting funding to UNRWA

Twenty five celebrities and public figures recently expressed their “horror” by signing a protest letter against President Donald Trump’s decision to cut funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) agency. The letter was conceived by the London-based Hoping Foundation advocacy group and states: “The real target of this lethal attack is the Palestinian people themselves.”

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