EXPLOSIVES: Muslims Burn and Beat Jews In Violent Pogrom In Midtown Manhattan


No outrage. No Democrat media coverage.No Governor. No Mayor. And American Jewish leadership has been so busy this past decade condemning proud zionists like myself and colleagues, while serving as court Jew for terror-tied CAIR and other jihad orgs.

‘THIS IS PURE ANTISEMITISM’: Vile AntI-Jewish Hate Protests Rage in Germany, Burn Jewish Flags Outside Synagogues

Germany. Perfect.

Germany’s leading Jewish group on Thursday condemned protests in front of a synagogue in the western city of Gelsenkirchen as “pure antisemitism.”

JEWISH GENOCIDE WATCH: NEW VIDEO Pro-Hamas rioters attack police in Copenhagen

"Down down USA, Down down USA!" The "anti-war" and the peace demonstrators in the name of Orwellian peace attack the thin blue line, police. The huge leftard support of Islamic jihad bespeaks a morally bankrupt people. They think they are enlightened? They are sick. UPDATE: ETT has the link to the story in the comment…


A jihadi throws a shoe near the Downing Street residence of Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown today at a huge protest against the Jews It is hard to believe that while Shoah victims and holocaust survivors still walk among us, that we would witness an evil so severe and grotesque that it would make the…

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