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[ December 10, 2018 ]

JIHAD: Arab League Threatens Brazil Over Israel Embassy Move

[ December 10, 2018 ]

Israel to intensify efforts to bring large numbers of French Jews to Israel

[ December 10, 2018 ]

OHIO: ISIS Supporting Muslim Plotted Attacks on Two Synagogues “To Inflict Mass Death” “To Kill...

[ December 10, 2018 ]

Scalise: ‘Every Single Day’ at Least 10 Known Terrorists Are Captured Trying to Cross Our...

[ December 10, 2018 ]

Former Bosnian Muslim commander arrested on war crimes charges

[ December 10, 2018 ]

Social Media: Recruiting grounds for terrorists

[ December 10, 2018 ]

Google Approves App For Muslims To Report People Who Commit Blasphemy

[ December 10, 2018 ]

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner proclaims December 9 “CAIR-TEXAS, Houston Day”

[ December 9, 2018 ]

Sunday Night Art

[ December 9, 2018 ]

This Is Why Illegals Storm the Border: Census Confirms 63 percent of ‘Non-Citizens’ on Welfare,...

Muslim Kidnapping in the Netherlands

Remember this choker of a story when they talk of the reunification of Rifqa with her devout Muslim family: From Atlas reader Nans in The Netherlands: The main contact is that Child Protective Services (in Dutch: “Kinderbescherming”) is worried about arranged marriages by muslims. Here is the example of a 13 year old girl who…

The Netherlands: Halal Food ONLY for Prisons

Daniel in The Netherlands serves up this halal morsel:Prisoners in several jails around the Netherlands will only receive Halal food from now on. This is the result of a trade agreement between the Justice Department and cheap food delivery services which "happen to be" Halal. The Justice Department says it is too expensive to offer…

UK Court: Judaism is Racist

Now the anti-semites are going to criminalize Jewish law. Now the anti-semites are going to tell us who is and who isn't Jewish. They have no right. Jewish School Held "Racist" For Preferring Jews Legal Insurrection A court in Great Britain has found that a religious Jewish school engaged in racial discrimination by applying the…


  On February 26th, Bat Ye’or, the Egyptian-born British historian who specializes in the history of Christian and Jewish dhimmis and is the author of Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis; Islam and Dhimmitude: Where Civilizations Collide; and The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam: From Jihad to Dhimmitude, took part in a panel discussion at Columbia…


UPDATE: The Jews beat 'em! They WON!  Israel beats Sweden 3-2 in Davis Cup  Despite all of the vicious outpouring in Malmo,Sweden, against the Israelis, they WON! They have made to to the quarter finals of the Davis Cup (hat tip Carolyn) Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha________________________________ Tennis player Andy Ram dismayed by violent anti-Israel demonstrations during tennis contest…

JEWISH GENOCIDE WATCH: NEW VIDEO Pro-Hamas rioters attack police in Copenhagen

"Down down USA, Down down USA!" The "anti-war" and the peace demonstrators in the name of Orwellian peace attack the thin blue line, police. The huge leftard support of Islamic jihad bespeaks a morally bankrupt people. They think they are enlightened? They are sick. UPDATE: ETT has the link to the story in the comment…


I guess Denmark won’t be saving its Jews this holocaust. The recommendation is a abomination. Instead of throwing the thugs and Muslim gangstas right out on their brutish asses  – the civilized little Jewish kid gets banished. Schools caught up in Palestinian conflict hat tip Andrew Bostom Barbed-wire fences and security guards are a regular…

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