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[ October 16, 2019 ]

WATCH Pamela Geller, Eagle Council: “The Most Important Civil Liberty of All Is The Right...

[ October 16, 2019 ]

Supreme Court refuses to hear case of Christian student forced to recite the Islamic prayer...

[ October 16, 2019 ]

British teacher told 10 year-old Jewish students they’d be sent to ‘GAS CHAMBERS’ if they...

[ October 16, 2019 ]

Muslim migrant driving around London before he tried to ‘kill as many people as possible’...

[ October 16, 2019 ]

Axis of Evil: Jew-Hating Jihad Squad to Endorse Self-Hating Jews Bernie Sanders for President

[ October 16, 2019 ]

Canada: Imam orders Muslims NOT to vote for filthy Jewish and Christian candidates

[ October 16, 2019 ]

British Museum exhibit explores the influence of Muslim culture on the West

[ October 16, 2019 ]

Hunter Biden Admits: Of Course My Dad Being Vice President Benefited Me Financially, Admits “Poor...

[ October 16, 2019 ]

Sharia France: French Union to Punish Journalist for Stating Jihad Motive of Terrorist

[ October 15, 2019 ]

20,000 Sign Petition Demanding BBC Remove ‘Pleasure Marriages’ Expose On How Iraqi Muslim Clerics Sell...


Rollins College Muslima professor gets Christian Student SUSPENDED for blasphemy

The Muslim professor allegedly lying about a Christian student is hardly surprising. Neither is attempted ruination of the straight A student’s reputation and academic record by this same professor of – wait for it — “Muslim Humanities” (oh, the irony). The student questioned Muslim orthodoxy, he blasphemed, and under Islamic law, he must be punished. This Muslima professor is acting according to Islamic tenets no matter how reprehensible they are. What is unconscionable is the university’s lack of due diligence. No investigation, no fair and impartial inquiry. They took the Islamic supremacist at her word and suspended the student.


Aussie Muslim stabbed his wife 57 times, gouged out right eye, amputated two fingers because she didn’t return and live under sharia in Yemen

An honor-killer husband who wanted to fight for IS in Syria once sliced his wife’s hand because she refused to read a book about sharia law, a court has heard. Sabah Al-Mdwali was found dead in their home with 57 stab wounds, right eyed gouged out and two fingers amputated. He did this in front of their three young children.

Where are the feminists? Where are the marches of Muslim women demanding equality under the sharia?


Unhinged: Glenn Beck SUSPENDS Blaze TV superstar TOMI LAHREN #epicfail #StandwithTomi @TomiLahren

Where are the feminists? The sistuhs in arms? Too busy norming Jew-hatred and promoting convicted terrorist and sharia pimps to leadership positions.

What is Tomi Lahren still doing on that nut’s network anyway? Lahren does more for that “network” than it does for her. Her Facebook page drives millions in traffic to ‘The Blaze.” Glenn Beck was always a bit cuckoo but he went over to the dark side when Trump came onto the scene. Certifiably unhinged. Does anyone even watch that insanity anymore? Did Beck really think the anti-Trump network was a winning idea among the right? Everyone on there is hanging by a pathetic thread with the exception of Tomi.

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