Sharansky: Annapolis Catastrophic for Israel

Ugh ….everything I’ve been saying. And the Condi smackdown is long overdue. Long overdue. WASHINGTON β€” A former Soviet dissident and Israeli deputy premier whose ideas President Bush has cited as an inspiration for his ambitious freedom agenda said the peace talks kicked off this week at Annapolis "has nothing to do with promoting democracy,"…

OIC: Terror is not Gravest Threat,
Fear of terror Gravest Threat

Now this takes extraordinary balls; Islamophobia Worst Form of Terrorism, Islamic Foreign Ministers Say  The gravest terrorist threat in the world today is Islamophobia, foreign ministers of the Organization of the Islamic Conference said this week. β€œIt is something that has assumed xenophobic proportions,” they said. The ministers described Islamophobia as a deliberate defamation of…

Islamic Countries Cut off Israel

I think it speaks well, quite well, of Israel that they should be cut off by countries, that behead, honor-kill, clitorectomize, subjugate, and oppress their people. OIC agreed in principle to isolate Israel, says Malaysia  SINGAPORE: The Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) has agreed in principle that Muslim countries should cut off diplomatic links with…

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