Toxic But Right

Several months ago, I appeared on Hannity among a group of fifteen spokesmen and pundits. At the end of the segment, Hannity asked who thought Romney would win. Everyone raised their hands except filmmaker Steve Bannon and me — we were the only ones who raised our hands when Hannity asked who thought Obama would…


Pamela Geller, WND weekly column: America’s choice: Freedom or submission

UPDATE: Obama won. And America, land of the free, home of the brave, died tonight. "America's choice: Freedom or submission" WND, November 6, 2012 Exclusive: Pamela Geller reviews ways Obama has 'not been on our side' in terror war The 2012 election was a referendum on America’s fundamental principles. America is at an historical crossroad….


Obama’s Binders

The left is in its (usual) tailspin over something Romney said. The enemedia and the left have created a nontroversy over Romney saying that he tried hard to recruit women into his administration in Massachusetts, and had assembled binders of resumes with qualified candidates. This has, for some insane leftoid reason, sent them into an…


Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Obama’s Mask Slips

Read my column over at The Thinker on the poser: Obama's Mask Slips Pamela Geller Much is being made of the devastating blow that Mitt Romney administered to President Obama in the first presidential debate Wednesday night.  Romney was masterful; Obama was incomprehensible.  Romney was presidential; Obama was incoherent.  Romney schooled Obama; Obama responded by…


Pamela Geller, WND weekly column:
American Jews’ responsibility to oust Obama

CNN’s Dana Bash: I asked the DNC [why it omitted sections of its 2008 Israel plank from its 2012 platform] and we have an answer. And their answer was that they were simply following what the Obama administration’s policy is. The Obama pile-on continues. Yesterday we were  struck with the news that the DNC had stripped…


Pamela Geller, WND weekly column:
Romney’s vow to end funding of jihadist nations

DEFENDING THE WEST Romney's vow to end funding of jihadist nations Exclusive: Pamela Geller cheers Mitt's plan for North American energy independence Speaking in Hobbs, N.M., last week, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said, according to the El Paso Times, that “his administration would team with Mexico and Canada to make North America energy independent…


Enemy in the White House: Obama caught off mic promising to give Putin everything after his re-election

Is Jake Tapper the only objective reporter left in the whole of the mainstream media? This is another bombshell by the traitor to his adopted country. Once again he is abandoning our allies and relinquishing American sovereignty to our enemies by covert executive fiat.  No surprise here, as this was meticulously documented in my book,…


Hugging Bell, Obama ♥ Hate

"We hid this during the election" The esteemed scholar Thomas Sowell hammers ‘despicable’ Obama-endorsed racist Derrick Bell; Compares To Hitler  OBAMA: 'OPEN UP YOUR HEARTS AND YOUR MINDS' TO RACIALIST PROF The money shot carefully edited out of the Obama Harvard video by leftists trying to head off another radical was a bear hug between…


Pamela Geller, Commentary Column, WND: Gingrich: The SOB we need

Make sure you read my weekly commentary at WND: Gingrich: The SOB we need Exclusive: Pamela Geller cheers Newt's understanding of Islamic threat Newt Gingrich’s victory in Saturday’s South Carolina primary means that we are still alive. Gingrich really won the primary in the first five minutes of Friday night’s debate, when he challenged John…


Mitt Romney Praises Hezbollah

I think the video is stark proof of how clueless Romney is on jihad. His previous statements, "jihadism Is not part of Islam" and "Islam is not an inherently violent faith," show a willful ignorance on a crucial issue facing the nation. This video is from 2007, when then (and current) Republican presidential candidate Mitt…


Geller Endorses Gingrich in South Carolina Race

Get the vote out, guys. Volunteer, donate, knock on doors. If Hamas satellite orgs in the US like CAIR are sweating bullets over a Newt candidacy, he would be best for freedom and country. And a debate between Gingrich and President uh uh uh uh uh uh would be thoroughly delicious. And good for you…


Pamela Geller, Big Government: We Must Not Choose Obama Lite: Courageous Foreign Policy Leadership Must Define GOP Nominee

We Must Not Choose Obama Lite: Courageous Foreign Policy Leadership Must Define GOP Nominee by Pamela Geller, Big Government A number of people have contacted me voicing their concern that my coming out against Mitt Romney by signing onto the Not Mitt Romney pledge isn’t helpful. Their argument is that we must ensure that Obama…


Tom Tancredo Bashes Rick Perry’s Islamic Propaganda/Proslytizing Program in Public Schools

It is good to see other influential voices on the political landscape calling out Rick Perry on the Islamic propaganda and whitewash curriculum he instituted in Texas. Props to Tom Tancredo for calling Rick Perry out on his proselytizing program in the public schools. Perry never answered for it. He never did a mea culpa…

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