Pamela Geller, WND: You betcha! Sarah against Ground Zero mosque

Check out my commentary on Palin's opposition to the mosque at World Net Daily: You betcha! Sarah against Ground Zero mosqueExclusive: Pamela Geller declares, 'Palin has more testicular fortitude than all of GOP'–WND Excerpt: Palin has sided with Americans and American interests. Palin, once again, does the right right. And it's wildly refreshing. The Left…

Atlas Vlogs Sarah Palin – Oorah!

Atlas Vlogs Sarah! Here is what I said the day she resigned the Governorship to join the fight. UPDATE 11:15 am: Palin Talks to THE WEEKLY STANDARD. UPDATE: July 11 3:59 pm: Master List of Governor Palin's 2009 Accomplishments UPDATE: Governor Palin on the Michael Dukes Show pt 5 July 10, 2009 (Listen to it)

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