EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE: Jan 6 Political Prisoners of Biden Admin File Formal Complaint With UN Human Rights Committee

Tortured, beaten and kept in solitary, the Americans who stood for election integrity on January 6th are prisoners of war.

Decent, freedom loving Americans have no recourse. Imagine the desperation — the United Nations Human Rights Committee.

Butcher Biden Has Been Derelict In His Duty. He Is Unfit To Lead. He Should Be Impeached

No one has been fired. No one has taken responsibility in what is the greatest loss of American life in Afghanistan in well over ten years.

The deadly attacks in Afghanistan should be the final straw for Biden, whose incompetence has now cost the lives of at least a dozen American soldiers.

Belgium: Internal Email Warns Police Of Jihadis That Could Arrive Among Afghan Refugees

The majority of terror attacks in Europe (Paris, London, Brussels et al) were the acts of Muslim terrorists who exploited the mass  migration out of Islamic countries.

The Democrats have so weaponized and destroyed American intel agencies that freedom loving Americans must look outside the country for intel and security warnings.

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