Video: CBS News on Media Coverage AFDI Free Speech Lawsuit against Boston

Last week, the Boston Transit Authority restored vicious anti-Israel ads that had been removed. They were taken down because of the fallacious libel that they advanced. The Jew-haters strong-armed the MBTA to put them back up. And they did. We, of course, countered the libel with truth. I submitted our pro-Israel ads to the MBTA last week. They were refused ……. we have filed suit.


WPIX: When “Rabbis” Attack

The local TV news channel, WPIX, certainly has reached new lows in propagandistic reporting. Last night's news segment on the Great Neck brouhaha being staged by Islamic supremacists and their pasty-faced rabbi shills would be comical if it were The Onion. WPIX's print story is not so bad; the accompanying video above is viciously biased…


VIDEO CBS News: Fire-branding Geller

In shocking violation of his spiritual obligations as a cleric, Reform "Rabbi" Michael White defames and slanders my work and me. He has obviously never read my work — my columns or my books. He falsely accuses me of hate speech and has the chutzpah to invoke Jewish teachings. Rabbi Michael White sounds as if…


NBC News (KNTV) VIDEO: Pamela Geller on AFDI’s Ad Campaign on Muslim Oppression of Gays

Let's get more ads. Contribute here!   More coverage of our ads focuses on the Muslim oppression of gays in Muslim countries. This best illustrates the dogma of the delusional and the disconnected of the left. They are carrying water for the most brutal and oppressive ideology on the face of the earth. How amusing…


VIDEO Clip: Pamela Geller on Blaze TV’s Andrew Wilcow show discussing Frédéric Bastiat

Your browser does not support iframes. Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else. Frédéric Bastiat As most Atlas readers know, the wellspring of all of my ideas and activism is individual rights. That is my battle, and I fight the enemies of individualism. So it…


VIDEO: Pamela Geller on Ezra Levant Show
Silencing Free Speech Activists

If you missed my appearance on The Ezra Levant show, do not despair, freedom lovers. But do sign this petition for Robert Spencer now. Ezra Levant & Pamela Geller: The Boston Globe leads the jihad against Robert Spencer Sun News Network.ca/video & YouTube… Things have certainly changed at Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts. From…


Video: Pamela Geller on The Dr. Drew Show

Dr. Drew had me on to discuss the world's first breastfeeding baby (watch the promo video here). Feminism run amok. The doll is robbing girls of their childhood, rushing their development forward, like so many other things these days — it's not as bad but is akin to sex ed in 1st grade.


Video: ABC News Headlines 6 Hamas-CAIR Brotherhood Supremacists as a “Multi-Faith Protest”

Check out this headline — "Multi-faith group protests Pamela Geller, conservative conference." The "multi-faith group" was six Muslims. There were over 300 people at the Maryland Conservative Conference, but this silly grievance-mongering few get enormous TV coverage and editorial bias. Watch the video: The Muslima protester woman claims she was "terrified" when she heard I…


@NBCChicago gets it completely wrong on AFDI #Myjihad ads #RT

Talk about crazy. If NBC Chicago tried to get it more wrong, they could not. They kick off this unintentionally comedic news report saying that last month the American Freedom Defense Initiative launched CTA bus ads that linked Muslims to savages: "the ads included fake testimonies by extremists including Osama Bin Laden." This weekend the Council…

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