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[ February 21, 2020 ]

Sen. Tim Scott: Black Support for Donald Trump to Increase by 50 Percent in 2020

[ February 21, 2020 ]

Failed Mayor Mayor Pete Buttigieg Would Increase Refugee Influx by 511 Percent If He Becomes...

[ February 21, 2020 ]

Trump Revolution: RECORD Number of Republicans File Forms to Run For Office On 2020 Mission...

[ February 21, 2020 ]

Crazy Bernie Sanders’ ‘criminal justice’ adviser arrested for plotting ‘violent prison break’

[ February 21, 2020 ]

Brazil’s Trump: Bolsonaro’s popularity jumps as Brazil economy improves, crime drops

[ February 21, 2020 ]

Watch LIVE Now: President Trump in Vegas!

[ February 21, 2020 ]

St. Paul’s Cathedral bomber pleads guilty to terrorism in the cause of Islam

[ February 21, 2020 ]

Sanders wins backing of top Muslim political group

[ February 21, 2020 ]

Twitter is testing new ways to “fight misinformation”

[ February 21, 2020 ]

AG Barr Takes Aim at Legal Shield Enjoyed by Google, Facebook

Pamela Geller Asks Federal Court to Demand NYC to Run This Ad!

Here’s the latest in our ongoing battle with NYC’s MTA, which rejected one of our ads for fear that it might “incite” Muslims to kill Jews. They sound, well, islamophobic, don’t ya think? Freedom of speech is the first casualty in the age of jihad. Here’s the latest from our fearless legal team, the AFLC….

The Jewish Week: “Pamela Geller-led Group Sues MTA Over ‘Killing Jews’ Ad”

Just for knowing our “moderate” ad goes up on 100 San Francisco buses next week. Our lawsuit was filed in NYC last week and we are about to file a lawsuit against San Francisco transit for refusing our Hitler/Mufti al Husseini ad. “Pamela Geller-led Group Sues MTA Over ‘Killing Jews’ Ad”, The Jewish Week, 10/08/14,…

VIDEO: Excelsior! We File Our Free Speech Lawsuit Against the NY MTA

Today David Yerushalmi of the AFLC and I went down to the Federal Courthouse at 500 Pearl Street and filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the New York MTA for refusing to run a political ad on MTA buses that contained a quote from Hamas TV, stating, “Killing Jews is worship that draws us…

MEDIA ADVISORY AFDI PRESS CONFERENCE: Pamela Geller is suing the MTA . . . again

At 12:00 noon, on Wednesday, October 1, 2014, my lawyers from the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) and I will be filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against the New York MTA for refusing to run a political ad on MTA buses that contained a quote from Hamas TV, stating, “Killing Jews is worship that…

New York Magazine’s Hateful @teamcaroline: Third-Rate Yellow Journalist

Don’t you love how vicious these journalists are when “reporting” on my work? They are so courageous smearing and attacking defenders of truth and freedom. But they cower and tremble in fear at the idea of reporting on the real enemy. These “journalists” never direct their barbs towards the jihadists, the beheaders, the honor killers,…

New York Times: AFDI To Sue After MTA Rejects Ad That Refers to Muslims Killing Jews

One of our ads was rejected last month by the New York MTA. I had submitted five, and one was refused. I replaced the rejected ad with two others — the “yesterday’s moderate is today’s headline” and “Hamas is ISIS.” We have six ads running on buses and urban panels. “They’re wrong,” Ms. Geller said….


Video: Blacks, Whites, Jews oppose Jihad on I-95 vs Tin Foil Hatter “Just for the record there are no fu–ing terrorists”

I posted on this 20 feet high jihad warning here: Jihad in Delray Beach, Florida: Spraypainted on I-95. That's his jihad, what's yours? The following is a kerfuffle that followed by residents of the neighborhood where the giant jihad sign was painted. I love these women. Despite the relentess propaganda campaign by the Muslim Brotherhood…


Gay Leaders/Activists Proudly Support AFDI Ads on Muslim Oppression of Gays

Salon, in its continuing holy war against me (and those who do this work) is running a scurrilous and vicious attack piece on our gay ads: “Stop trying to split gays and Muslims.” In this latest smear job, Chris Stedman accuses me of “trying to split gays and Muslims”: Anti-Islam crusader Pam Geller’s effort to…


Islamic Supremacism @HuffingtonPost: Engy Abdelkader’s #Savage Attack on Human Rights Ads

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” — George Orwell Again we see the deceit and the smear in today’s Huffington Post attack on our public awareness education  campaigns. Apparently our ads are getting in the way of the lies and propaganda of Islamic supremacists. But read the comments and…


Radio Free Europe @RFERL Heather Maher Shills For Hamas-CAIR’s Deceptive #MyJihad Whitewash Campaign

Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty once stood for freedom against Soviet Communist tyranny. Now they've reduced themselves to a propaganda arm for the latest tyranny to threaten the free world: that of Islamic supremacism. Their article here runs interference for Hamas-CAIR's cynical #MyJihad campaign, which is intended to make Americans complacent about the jihad…


VIDEO: Channel 4 (KRON) carries the most dishonest and twisted news coverage of AFDI gay ads yet

Another really twisted and fallacious news report from San Francisco. This media outlet just makes it up as they go along, and implies that I am making the horrific anti-gay statements, when in fact, these are actual quotes by high-profile Muslims. That’s not just low, that’s evil. Of course they didn’t try to contact me…


Suicide journalism: “San Fran Media Attacks Pamela Geller over New Anti-Jihad Bus Ads”

Warner Todd Huston exposes the twisted, vicious bias of the San Francisco media in a piece over at Breitbart. They may have tried to destroy me, but in the end, they destroy themselves. Go, now, read the whole thing here. "San Fran Media Attacks Pamela Geller over New Anti-Jihad Bus Ads" Warner Todd Huston, Breitbart…


NBC News (KNTV) VIDEO: Pamela Geller on AFDI’s Ad Campaign on Muslim Oppression of Gays

Let's get more ads. Contribute here!   More coverage of our ads focuses on the Muslim oppression of gays in Muslim countries. This best illustrates the dogma of the delusional and the disconnected of the left. They are carrying water for the most brutal and oppressive ideology on the face of the earth. How amusing…


Attention Theresa Sparks: Refusing to call attention to the plight of gays under Islamic law is killing people

The visceral response of the San Francisco City Council, the Human Rights Commission, SFHRC head Theresa Sparks, and the uber-left media in San Francisco to our "Gays under the Sharia" ad campaign is obscene proof of how desperately our newest ad awareness campaign is needed. They call my ads hate when I am merely quoting…


Head of SF Human Rights Commission Transgender Theresa Sparks on AFDI Gay ads, it’s “easier to get insurance for sexual transition procedures in Iran than in America”

The disconnect is breathtaking. The head of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, transgender Theresa Sparks, continues to support the sharia and denounce our ad campaign designed to raise awareness of the plight of gays under Islamic law. Our new campaign uses the actual quotes of President Ahmadinejad, global Muslim spiritual leader Qaradawi and popular…

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