TERRIBLE VIDEO: Antifa Mob Forces Truck Driver to Make a Black Power Salute

This same action was taken by the Nazis. If you didn’t heil Hitler ……. you’d be beaten in the street, too .

This video is awful to watch.

For those who don’t see echoes of brownshirts, blackshirts, Nazis, the Soviet NKVD (which was given monopoly power over over police much like the Democrats are demanding now) in the Democrats campaign of violence either know nothing of history or were denied a decent education by left wing public schools.


Nancy Pelosi Threatens ANOTHER SHAM IMPEACHMENT to Stop SCOTUS Nomination

The Democrat party is a threat to our Republic.

This further proves impeachment was always a sham, an act of sedition.

The Democrats use impeachment into a weapon against our Commander in Chief. Sounds impossible – it’s exactly what they did to our President the first three years of his presidency. How is it that there are no repercussions?

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