Trump’s Tulsa Rally to Show He Remains ‘Unbowed’ by Coronavirus, Protests, Rioting

“Trump going ahead with the Tulsa rally is a rousing rebuke to the haters and destroyers who are trying to sow chaos in the U.S. today. Leftist and establishment Right politicians are cowering in fear, but Trump is magnificently unbowed. His rally sends several important messages. One is that he is not going to allow himself to be cowed by the ongoing covid-19 hysteria. The virus is not as devastating or deadly as was predicted, and free people must reject the ongoing attempts by Democrat mayors and governors to prolong lockdowns endlessly for partisan reasons, to slow the resurgence of the economy and hurt Trump’s reelection chances. It also points up the hypocrisy of the media, in celebrating the protests in which thousands of people took part without masks or social distancing, while suddenly stoking up covid hysteria again regarding Trump’s rally. At the rally, moreover, Trump is likely to restate his “America-First” message, which is all the more important in light of the ongoing anti-American riots, destruction, and tearing-down of statues of founding American figures such as Thomas Jefferson.”

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