President Trump’s most inspired pick Steve Bannon loses National Security Council role in Trump shakeup

Chief strategist Steve Bannon was President Trump’s most inspired and best pick. If anyone had any doubt as to Trump’s depth of understanding of the problems we face from jihad terrorists and left-wing radicals, Bannon assuaged those concerns.

So this is not good. Bannon was the one person in the Trump administration whom those fighting in defense of freedom were counting on.


Media Dances a Jig, But Truth Reveals: Obama, Not Trump, Hurt at Hearings

Mainstream media types have been cheering and giggling in the last 24 hours or so, saying the House Intelligence Committee hearings about Russia’s intervention in Campaign 2016 affairs has been nothing but a smack-down of White House statements — but truth is, Barack Obama’s reputation, not President Donald Trump’s, took the greater dings. For instance,…

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