“Biden”: DHS Is for Migration, Not Homeland Security

“Biden’s” budget request to Congress for 2022 portrays the nation’s homeland security agency as a welcome center for economic migrants who will compete for Americans’ jobs, wages, and homes.

They are out to destroy us all. Homeland Security was created as a response to 9/11. Now the Dems are weaponizing it against us

“Biden” Admin Offers Four-Month Paid Leave To Federal Employees Who Take In Illegal Aliens

Shocking but par for the cause for this illegitimate administration. The enemy is in power.

The great irony is the Democrat party is imposing poverty and violence on the American citizenry – they very thing these illegal aliens are fleeing. But where are we to flee to? You won’t like what comes after America.

Arizona AG Says Kamala Harris Refuses To Respond to His Border Tour Invitation

All hell (literally) has broken loose at the border – now in firm control by drug cartels, thanks to the illegitimate ‘Biden’ administration. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they put that silly clown in charge and she’s been MIA ever since.

It’s was just a couple of months back we saw Trump handle the border situation with no trouble.

Killer Cuomo’s New York state will award $15,600 stimulus payments to ILLEGAL workers

This is madness. American citizens are losing their jobs and suffering economically, and Cuomo’s New York state is giving taxpayer money to illegal workers. If our own local, state, and national governments don’t take care of our own people, who will? This is yet more confirmation that Democrats hate America and Americans. And the Republicans…

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