Imam in Canada says Islamic Law to be implemented When Muslims Are Majority

It is widely known and understood that Muslims are the only immigrant group who come to the West with a ready made model of society they believe to be superior to Western law and they work furiously, by all means, to impose it. Under Islam, shariah (Islamic) law supersedes Western law. Anywhere Western law and Shariah law conflict, it is always Western law that must give way. What those of us working in defense of freedom did not expect, was the craven capitulation and cowardice by Western left elites to Islamic supremacy.

I don’t worry about the fanaticism of the enemy, I worry about the treachery on our side.

Poll: 1.8 million Americans Turned Down Jobs Due to Unemployment Benefits

Democrats are destroying all that make America great. Destroy our work ethic, destroy what makes America exceptional.

The man without a purpose is a man who drifts at the mercy of random feelings or unidentified urges and is capable of any evil, because he is totally out of control of his own life.

CIVIL WAR? 2 In 3 Southern Republicans Want To Secede From Union, 43% Independents Support Secession in Midwest and Great Lakes, And Half of Democrats in Pacific States

Of course. This Northerner would love to see it. And not just me, support for secession is also considerable among independents in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions, where 43 percent say they would favor breaking away and forming their own country.
The nation was founded by individuals yearning to be free. We fought for our independence and we will fight again. No American must be forced to living under the crushing boot of communism.

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