Democrats Block Resolution Condemning Mob Violence

And there it is. How could the Democrats take down America without them?

The Democrats are owned by the far-Left Marxists. The people who are terrorizing Americans from coast to coast. The people who are taking down statues. The people who want to defund the police departments. The Democrats will always appease the far-Left thugs because they need their votes to win. This is why the most dangerous cities in America are governed by Democrat Party mayors. The Democrat Party must go down hard in November.


Deranged Harvard Grad Who Threatened to Stab Anyone Who Says ‘All Lives Matter’ Weeps After She’s Canned, Blames ‘Trump Supporters’

This deranged Leftist threatened to stab anyone who told her that “All Lives Matter” in a video she posted on TikTok. Now she blames Trump supporters for losing her job.

The right has long suffered from cancel culture merely for our political views. This woman is violent and unhinged — of course she should lose her job. It’s just surprising that she did. The left has been getting away with this thuggery for well over a decade.

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