Explosive Study Proves Chinese Scientists Created COVID

The Democrats threw every American under the bus in service to the Communist Chinese enemy. They destroyed our lives, jobs, livelihood, our cities, our security in order to destroy us. They aligned with communsits who created this bio-weapon in order to deprive America of our elected leader, President Trump. It was a coup.The Democrats threw every American under the bus in service to the Communist Chinese enemy.

“Biden”: DHS Is for Migration, Not Homeland Security

“Biden’s” budget request to Congress for 2022 portrays the nation’s homeland security agency as a welcome center for economic migrants who will compete for Americans’ jobs, wages, and homes.

They are out to destroy us all. Homeland Security was created as a response to 9/11. Now the Dems are weaponizing it against us

How Black Lives Matter and the media are contributing to the rise in antisemitism

Tuvia Tenenbom, best-selling author, playwright, friend, journalist and founder of the Jewish Theater of New York, has traveled the world to understand anti-Semitism. He describes his encounter with anti-Semitism in the UK in his latest book “The Taming of the Jew.” Increase in antisemitic attacks: the recent fighting between Israel and Hamas has brought the issue…

Terror-Supporting House Democrats REJECT Measure To Boost Israeli Security Aid, Vote Against Iron Dome

The GOP attempted to secure funding for Israel’s Iron Dome as war rages.

There is no question where the Democrat party of jihad stands. They are the enemy. You must share thse news accounts with friends, co-workers, family, email lists etc. The Democrat media is misrepresenting, deceiving and censoring the war against the Jews.

World Economic Forum Chairman: “Isn’t The Only Hope … That the Industrialized Civilizations Collapse?”

The universally-recognized public face of the “Great Reset.” Klaus Schwab is the current chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), an organization that meets annually, determines the economic policy direction of the developed world and counts presidents, prime ministers, billionaires — essentially the “ruling class,” the elite — as its members.

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