Breitbart News Daily: Pamela Geller, “Universities Normalizing Anti-Semitic Voices like Linda Sarsour but Silencing Jewish Conservatives”

If you missed my segment on Breitbart radio talking about our #CancelSarsour protest — listen to this interview and RSVP to the protest here. Now more than ever. Sarsour, a pro-terror spokesperson, should absolutely be canceled In light of the Ariana Grande jihad slaughter. She stands with the jihad.

TV Media Advisory: Pamela Geller on The Michael Coren Show, SUN TV
Radio Media Alert: Pamela Geller on “Caplis and Silverman Show”

 I will be appearing on the The Arena with Michael Coren show this evening, prime time, discussing a wide range of topics. If you don't get SUN TV, call your cable provider and demand it. Freedom TV for all. And while you are on the phone, tell them to stop carrying terror TV, al jazeera,…


Geller on Grant

If you missed my appearance on The Bob Grant show on WABC earlier today, talking about this, Eduardo was kind enough to email the audio here. If you want to to listen to my interview, it's at the 39:00-53:02 mark.

James Woolsey:Atlas Radio TODAY Noon

Today at noon  former CIA director James Woolsey comes to the Islamic jihad. He is courageous and speaks straightforward and plainly about the fierce threat that confronts us. He is matter of fact in our failure to understand the threat we face and what must be done to eliminate it. You can call in  (347)…

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