Sen. Tim Scott closes out first night of RNC with inspiring speech: ‘Our family went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime’

The RNC’s first night was phenomenal. What a difference from the horror show at the DNC last week. All of the speakers were superb. However, Senator Tim Scott’s speech was perhaps the highlight of the night. His personnel story is inspiring, and his optimistic view of America is uplifting. Scott also eloquently contrasted President Trump…


Democrats deliver 4-point poll BOOST to TRUMP, enemedia says convention bounce ‘not the point’

While the mainstream media have sought to downplay the impact of 2020 party conventions, polls showing President Donald Trump surging ahead as the Democrats held their virtual rally have them both stumped and spinning.

“Don’t be surprised if Biden doesn’t get a convention bounce in the polls. That’s not the point,” screamed a WaPo headline.


ICYMI Watch: President Trump Campaign Event in Oshkosh, WI 8/17/20

Monday, August 17, 2020:s President Donald J. Trump holds a campaign event at Basler Flight Service in Oshkosh, WI. (RSB Network) OSHKOSH – Hours before Democrats convened their virtual convention in Milwaukee, President Donald Trump swooped into Oshkosh Monday to counter the nomination of Joe Biden in a state that could decide the presidency. He…

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