Former NY Gov. George Pataki Worried: “New York City is going to die”

Former New York Gov. George Pataki says for the first time in his life he is worried about the “future” of New York City.

“For the first time ever, I fear for the future of New York City. The de Blasio administration has been a disaster, and New York has been hit by just decision after decision that really jeopardizes its future.”

It is but one of the real news stories, history-defining, that is being ignored, scrubbed or whitewashed in media accounts.

It is catastrophic.  Cuomo and de Blasio have brought New York to its knees.


NY Gov. Cuomo Is Deploying COVID ‘Enforcement Teams’ — Including Police Officers

The state – my state – is ravaged by violent crime and this is how killer Cuomo deploys our very limited resources.

The fact Cuomo enjoys his highest approval ratings to date, despite his COVID nursing home policy which rwesulte din the deaths of thousands of seniors, is stunning proof of the legacy medias power. Still.

COVID has peaked – its over but the Democrat media complex will flog that dead horse. For the Dems, its the poison gift that keeps on giving….. until November.

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