Boycott Jews Defeat: Israel to join African Union As Observer After Being Kept Out For 2 Decades

For years, the anti-Semitic Palestinian Authority (and it’s allies) worked diligently to sabotage Israel-Africa relations. That is because the 55 African states have enabled the Palestinian Authority to perpetuate it’s automatic majority against Israel at the UN. To counter these sabotage tactics, Israel leveraged it’s expertise in security, agriculture, water, IT, energy, and so many other fields. This has led to a flowering of Israel’s diplomatic relations with many African nations. As such, the Palestinian Authority will not be able to rely on the nations of Africa to vote in their favour at the UN in the years to come.


Muslim-Majority African Countries Send Ambassadors To Israel For First Time

This is a big deal — something the viciously antisemitic, pro-jihad South African leader (polygamist and accused rapist) Jacob Zuma has been working furiously to oppose. Zuma downgraded South Africa’s embassy in Israel to “Liaison Office” status. Working with “Palestinian” terror leader Mahmoud Abbas, they are trying to stop Israel from achieving further diplomatic relations with African countries.

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