At CUFI Gathering, Christians and Jews Alike Vow To Fight Boycott Jews (BDS) ‘Economic Antisemitism’

Jewish Americans who care about their future need to align with Christians United with Israel (CUFI). Most of the Jewish organizations in the United States are incompetent. The few that are half-decent do not have the resources or the voting power to accomplish anything impactful. At over 10 million members strong, CUFI has the voting power to lobby (here, here, here) for meaningful pro-Jewish and pro-Israel legislation. Gd bless Pastor Hagee and CUFI.

Evangelical Christians stand up for Israel, call on “Biden” to do the same

Gd bless the Evangelical Christian community. Most especially Christians United for Israel (CUFI) leader Pastor John Hagee. Related – Christians Around The World Donate Portable Bomb Shelters To Israel Amid Palestinian Terror Attacks Related – Ex-ambassador Dermer: Israel should focus more on outreach with evangelicals “Israel lives by the might and the majesty of God.”…

Backed by Christians United for Israel, Idaho and West Virginia follow Utah by enacting anti-Boycott-Jews law; Alabama furthers Holocaust education

Red states are leading the charge in the fight against the BDS Movement and anti-Semitism. All because of the herculean efforts of the pro-Israel lobbying organization Christians United for Israel. Christians United for Israel (CUFI) is without question the most effective pro-Israel and pro-Jewish organization in America. And it’s not even close. Gd bless Pastor…


SAR ACADEMY Board Member Eric Dobkin, The Lopatin Family Foundation & Arnold Hiatt Helping Boycotts Of Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently said that those who fund boycotts against Israel must be exposed. As Netanyahu explained, “We must not cave into the pressure, expose the lies and attack the attackers.” The New Israel Fund, which sends $30 million annually to Israel – and openly supports a boycott of Israel — was a…

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