TRUMP PEACE: Arab, Israeli signatories celebrate first anniversary of Abraham Accords

It’s hard to believe that the Abraham Accords were signed at the Rose Garden just one year ago. How we miss the glorious days of the Trump Administration when we had stability in the world. When we had peace agreements being signed between Israel and her Arab neighbors. Today, the Middle East is once again destabilized because of the policies of the Biden Administration. It’s such a tragedy.

Remembering 9/11 – Time For The U.S.A. To Get A Grip

The United States national security enterprise went from a world class global player to a bunch of five-year old kids playing soccer and running in a group chasing the ball. This approach, which was a luxury for a dominant global superpower who could keep making the same mistakes over and over without existential consequences, must end, and quickly, in the multi-polar and multi-threat world we find ourselves in as we approach the second quarter of the 21st century.


We must organize quickly and throw off the yoke of the Democrat regime. Brazen lies, denial, autocracy.

And remember, Biden is only going to deep blue areas and the blowback is wild.

“None of them were shouting and complaining. Every one of them are thanking me.” Evil.

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