Judge says Bolton ‘gambled’ with national security, ‘exposed his country to harm and himself to civil (and potentially criminal) liability’, but will allow book to be released

Bolton has lost the plot. Utterly. And with it his mind it seems.

 Forced to resign under Bush, Bolton stood by the RINO resident. He would describe his loyalty to the spineless, gutless Bush saying, “I serve at the pleasure of the President.” And yet he afforded no such pleasure to the President who gave him his most senior position.  And how badly, how desperately, he wanted to be part of the Trump administration. What a rat.

I thought I knew him. I was wrong. He’s a small, narcissistic thirst monster. His betrayal is nothing short of shocking.

And WTH has he been doing n Qatar anyway?


We are in the throes of a Cultural Revolution

Sometimes cultural revolutions don’t die out — if they are hijacked by a thug or killer.

The National Socialist movement was an irrelevant nihilist mob of crazies until Adolf Hitler turned it into his personal genocidal cult. A murderous Stalin resuscitated the absurdities of Lenin’s failing Bolshevism.


Judge denies emergency request to stop Trump’s Tulsa campaign rally due to coronavirus fears

Thousands of Leftist thugs destroyed and looted in every major city in America, while their lapdogs in the mainstream media and Hollywood cheered them on. Now the tyrannical Left is trying to stop the Trump rallies. That is because they know that these rallies will demoralize the lifeless Biden Campaign. President Trump should have these pro-America rallies every week.


On the Removal of Historic Statues

‘The call to remove the statues ignores the fact that America fought a bloody and devastating civil war to end slavery leaving over 600K dead, and has always had political leaders who fought for civil rights.’

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