Help Elect Larry Elder for Governor of California

He is our best hope of replacing Gavin Newsom and start to liberate California from the suffocating, ideologically woke and destructive regime that has transformed California from the envy of America into a festering crime-ridden, tax-burdened society with almost 50% of America’s homeless population and more illegal aliens than serve in the U.S. military; that’s an invasion and one that our social services, health services or our severely diminished educational system can possibly sustain.


Pro-Sharia Salon feverishly tries to smear freedom fighting candidates with Geller

Salon is in full smear gear in this latest blog post targeting politicians fighting for freedom, the preservation of individual rights, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and equality for all under the law. Fight for these candidates. They are our first line of defense. There is a bright side to this. Should the civilization-suicidal…


Candidate Itamar Gelbman: “Defund the UN”

A rare one this Itamar Gelbman is; I previously endorsed him here. Gelbman is calling for the defunding of the UN. And right he is. Sixty years ago, democracies, both nascent and well established, comprised the majority of the founding nations of the UN. The members of the General Assembly were strategically aligned primarily along…


Heritage Hypocrisy

Back on Tuesday, I queried if Ed Meese was fleeced by David Ramadan's deceit here. He had been hoodwinked by Ramadan's ruse. The Ramadan campaign announced that Edwin Meese, whom many remember as one of the “Big Three” who managed the Reagan White House and former Reagan attorney general, had agreed to endorse pro-Ground Zero…


Meese Fleeced? Ramadan’s Deceit

"War is deceit." Muhammad James Lafferty, SIOA board member and VAST chairman,  just advised me that Ed Meese bought into stealth jihadist David Ramadan's ruse. That's just what this country needs, more Muslim Brotherhood plants in the legislature. The Ramadan campaign announced today that Edwin Meese whom many remember as one of the “Big Three”…


Defeating David Ramadan in Virginia

The GOP had better clean up its act on these issues. America has been blindsided by the betrayal of American law and the Constitution by members of our own party who have been seduced by the big money, the dirty money of Muslim Brotherhood-tied operatives like Grover Norquist. Up until recently they could get away…


“Ramadan Watch”: Defeat Islamic Supremacist David Ramadan in Virginia

Islamic supremacist and Muslim Brotherhood candidates must be defeated. Congressman Hakim Muhammad (nee Keith Ellison) gives us a glimpse of a gruesome future with jihadist politicians. James Lafferty, VAST chairman and AFDI/ board member, is leading the fight against such a candidate in Virginia. Last night was the opening round in another Muslim Brotherhood power…

Pamela Geller, American Thinker: The Man Who Would Stop the Ground Zero Mosque

Read in full my oped in today's American Thinker on NY Gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino. And remember to mark your calenders for our next solemn protest against the Ground Zero mega mosque on September 11th. We will rally on September 11th, one year to the day before Islamic supremacists intend to open the mosque: September…

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