The Left’s War on Our History is Designed to Destroy Us – Here’s the Antidote

The academic Left has been working for decades to replace genuine American history with a farrago of tendentious nonsense designed to make Americans embarrassed to be American. Howard Zinn’s history of the United States and the 1619 Project are just two of these efforts. Those whom they have thoroughly propagandized will have no objection to their…


President Trump Grows the Fastest Economic Recovery in U.S. History

Despite the Democrat lockdowns, riots, looting, widespread crime and violence — the American people want what’s right, decent and good.

Under President Trump, America built the strongest economy the world has ever seen. The stock market broke records, the unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level in half a century, and income inequality fell as blue-collar jobs returned to our country.


ICYMI Watch: President Trump Campaign Event in Oshkosh, WI 8/17/20

Monday, August 17, 2020:s President Donald J. Trump holds a campaign event at Basler Flight Service in Oshkosh, WI. (RSB Network) OSHKOSH – Hours before Democrats convened their virtual convention in Milwaukee, President Donald Trump swooped into Oshkosh Monday to counter the nomination of Joe Biden in a state that could decide the presidency. He…

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