Pro-ISIS Account’s Las Vegas Reaction Reveals Group’s Inner Workings

On the morning of Monday, October 2, 2017, Americans were struggling to understand the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas the night before. Meanwhile, Islamic State (ISIS) supporters on Telegram were already celebrating. Included in this activity was a peculiar amount of promotion made for the account of “Turjuman Asawirati,” a name most people wouldn’t recognize, but that any ISIS supporter with an internet connection has long known.


‘I Love Islamic State’: Muslim Guilty of Showing Beheading Video to Child

This is a religious ideology that exhorts beheadings, incites to hatred of the “unbelievers,” and elevates mass murder to an exalted righteousness that is imbued with a holiness that bestows untold rewards in Allah’s heaven. And we are told we must respect it. We are warned that to criticize is provocative and criminal, and in many Western countries is indictable.

There is a collective madness in the world under the spell of Islam.

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