Hamas-CAIR: American Freedoms Make US Muslims “Uncomfortable”

Of course it does. Islamic law and freedom are thoroughly irreconcilable. One is freedom, the other submission. The translation of Islam is submission. If Muslims are so “uncomfortable,” why come here? To destroy freedom, which is Hamas-CAIR’s Islamic mission by objective. That is Islam — spread by the Quran and the sword. The Coptic Christians…

Pamela Geller, WND: Mother Jones welcomes CPAC into the fold

Once again, the list of people who were not invited to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, is making more news than the event itself. CPAC’s latest purge has won praise from the uber-left organ Mother Jones. What could be more illustrative of how far CPAC has departed from rational, reasoned conservative discourse than a pat on the head from one of the most hard-left publications in the country?

The Washington Post: CPAC’s Uninvited

CPAC’s unending blunders and missteps are the subject of a snarky Washington Post piece today. Once again, CPAC’s uninvited is making more news than the event itself. The Washington Post is running a piece on the uninvited. Of course, yours truly is number six on the list. Atlas readers won’t be surprised by that.


VIDEO: Question and Answer Session, “Uninvited” Panel at CPAC

Lots of questions during the Q&A session of Breitbart's "Uninvited" panel at CPAC. Lots of very good stuff. For the curious, the fictional account of the Taitz kerfuffle created by the Salon troll, Jillian Rayfield, (Pam [sic] Geller shouts down) starts at 2:25.  I did not shout. I didn't even raise my voice. No drama….


The “Uninvited” at 1pm@breitbartnews

Photo: Geller with Allen West and the Mrs. It will be an interesting day, shruggers. I will be speaking at the Breitbart "Uninvited" event after meeting with Al Cardenas, who asked for the meet. '"The Uninvited' Panel to Ramp Up Pressure on GOP Establishment – 1pm" Breitbart.com Breitbart News will host "The Uninvited" panel on Saturday at…


Pamela Geller to Speak at CPAC Event

It is particularly delicious that I would be invited to speak at CPAC at the invitaton of the Breitbart organization. The Breitbart event, "The Uninvited," is a special two-hour session of hot button issues, including Global Jihad, the ongoing global persecution of Christians, and the gutting of the American Military. Breitbart is here, indeed. The…


The Left on the Right

The LA Times unpacks the right's self-destruction (below). My take on the right is here: The right: Marching to Oblivion "Guarding the right's flank" Nicole Hemmer, March 13, 2013 The American Conservative Union is drawing the wrong lines at CPAC To understand what is wrong with today's political right, look no further than the American…



My colleague and intrepid blogger, Pamela Hall, has attended and videoed all of our CPAC events over the past five years. From her perch she has seen it all. Here is her take on the CPAC's self destruction: The Death of Free Speech: CPAC EXPOSED (2009-2013) …. in response to the current events taking shape…


Grover’s Jihad: The People’s Choice Award gets the boot
Jihad Watch wins CPAC award, barred from receiving it

Talk about outta control. This is just the latest outrage by the fascist goosesteppers in service to Grover's Muslim Brotherhood army. Whatever your position or perspective, this is antithetical to every single Conservative principle.  More of Cardenas's "civility"? This isn't about Spencer or Geller. It's about shutting down voices of freedom in submission to the…


RINO Chart: Crowing on the left

You see this over at The Atlantic? Look Who’s Feuding Now: A Map of Conservative Fingerpointing Feud Key — CPAC vs. Pamela Geller: Geller, famed anti-Islam blogger, has spoken at CPAC for the last four years in a row, but she’s not invited to the 2013 gathering. Breitbart News thinks it’s because Geller just won…


Inside the Beltway on CPAC meltdown

Jennifer Harper weighs in on the CPAC  ban over at the Washington Times. At the end of the day, this is not about me, it's about the issue of jihad and sharia and the gravest national security threat this nation faces. The fact that this issue is forbidden at CPAC speaks volumes about how dangerously…

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