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[ July 17, 2019 ]

Trump Supporters Line-Up at 4AM with Tents, Coolers for #MAGA Rally in North Carolina

[ July 17, 2019 ]

Jihad Jew-hater Ilhan Omar introduced resolution to boycott Jews, announces trip to Israel

[ July 17, 2019 ]

France: No hate crime charges against suspects who targeted Jews

[ July 17, 2019 ]

Jihad Jew-hater Omar Defiant: “I Do Not” Regret My Antisemitic Remarks

[ July 17, 2019 ]

Westminster Vehicular Jihad: Muslim found GUILTY of murder police and public in ramming them outside...

[ July 17, 2019 ]

BONKERS: House to vote today on IMPEACHMENT resolution against President Trump

[ July 17, 2019 ]

Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar seizes spotlight to push resolution to boycott Jews (BDS)

[ July 17, 2019 ]

Moderate Dem slams ‘squad’ for threatening to primary him: ‘They’re not Democrats … they’re socialists’

[ July 17, 2019 ]

BREAKING! Ocasio-Cortez gets new 2020 challenger: a #Republican immigrant from Jamaica: Scherie Murray

[ July 17, 2019 ]

Here’s a List of Racist, Jew-Hating Statements Made By the Democrat Jihad-Squad

Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Walls Closing In for Jews at UCLA — and in America

Please go over to The American Thinker and check out my article on the craven cowardice of UCLA administration officials in the face of Nuremberg “petitions” and “ethics”: “Walls Closing In for Jews at UCLA — and in America,” American Thinker Pamela Geller After years of battering and bullying, we have reached a tipping point….

Time Mag says Boko Haram un-Islamic, ignores Qur’an verses on sex slavery

MEMRI is reporting that even  Pakistani writers have “questioned liberal ‘apologists’ for failing to understand the links between Islamic sharia and incidents such as the abduction of more than 200 teenage girls from a school by Nigerian jihadi group Boko Haram or the Pakistani Taliban’s 2012 attack on liberal youth icon Malala Yousafzai and the…

Pakistani Columnists On Boko Haram’s Abduction Of Girls: ‘There Is A Mini Boko Haram… In Every Neighborhood In Muslim Societies’

“Shameless apologia,” journalist Kunwar Khuldune Shahid questioned the liberal Muslim apologists and Western leftists for describing liberal voices as “Islamophobia.” Will the Daily Beast, the NY Times, NBC, CBS et al listen to these Pakistani writers? New Yorkers throwing themselves out of the WTC from 100 stories high didn’t convince them. The 9/11 jihadists’s last…

Anti-Semitic Attack on Mother and Baby in Paris

Ilan Halimi was just the beginning. Is it any wonder that the Jews are fleeing Europe? “Anti-Semitic Attack on Mother and Baby in Paris,” Cherson and Molschky, May 15, 2014 On Tuesday, a Jewish woman and her baby were assaulted in Paris, adding to the daily acts of anti-Semitism which occur across the globe. The…

Washington Post: “In Metrobus ads, pro-Israel group features photo of Hitler” and the Muslim Hitler

The Washington Post contacted the  American Muslims for Palestine for their requisite slander and smear against me for their “news coverage” of our new ad campaign. “We typically don’t react to Pamela Geller, because this is the kind of thing she does, countering political speech with racist, Islamophobic speech.” American Muslims for Palestine Actually all…

Muslima “Interfaith Leader” At Hamas-CAIR’s Press Conference On 9/11 Museum Film Attacks Jews For Crucifying Jesus

On a stormy NYC day when the weather matches the somber mood of the city, we, as a nation, finally open the doors to the memorial to our fallen dead. You would think that Islamic supremacists would have the decency and respect to hold their tongues and pay respect to dead in the worst and…

Gail Sullivan’s Bigotry and Bias at The Washington Post @g_forcewinds

The bigoted Gail Sullivan kicks off her predictable piece today in the Washington Post  today on the SIOA trademark ruling with “anti-Muslim Pamela Geller….” under the headline “anti-Muslim group.” In this, Sullivan paints all Muslims with a broad brush. My work opposes jihad and sharia. Period. Clearly Sullivan believes that all Muslims support sharia and…

Wall Street Journal on SIOA Trademark Ruling: “Pamela Geller has stirred controversy across the globe….”

WSJ: A three-judge panel ruled that her group “Stop Islamization of America” isn’t eligible for a federal trademark because it said the name suggests an association between “peaceful political Islamization” and terrorism that many Muslims would find offensive. What exactly is peaceful political Islamization, and where has that been a good thing? The court is…

SIOA Trademark Ruling “Unconstitutional”

The USPTO rejected AFDI’s trademark application based on the following analysis: (1) “Islamisation” means converting to Islam or “to make Islamic;” and (2), “Stop” would be understood to mean that “action must be taken to cease, or put an end to, converting or making people in America conform to Islam.” Thus, the trademark, according to…

Secretary of State John Kerry to introduce George Soros at State Department open forum

Wow. All bets are off. Coup complete. Since the mid-1980s in particular, [Soros] has used his immense influence to help reconfigure the political landscapes of several countries around the world—in some cases playing a key role in toppling regimes that had held the reins of government for years, even decades. Vis à vis the United…

Hamas-CAIR Steps Up Bullying Against 9/11 Memorial Museum to Scrub Film of Jihad

The 9/11 Memorial Museum has stood firm and resisted pressure from jihad groups, Islamic supremacist organizations and Islamic apologists to scrub any reference to Islam from one of the 9/11 Museum’s al-Qaeda exhibits. Hamas-CAIR has stepped up the pressure and intimidation. We must support the 9/11 Museum decision to keep the film unedited. National September…

Pamela Geller, WND: Washington Post calls for Shariah limits on speech

Read my column today at WND: DEFENDING THE WEST Washington Post calls for Shariah limits on speech Exclusive: Pamela Geller warns paper, ‘Adherence to Islam leads to acts of violence’ WND, May 12, 2014 The Washington Post argued for Shariah restrictions on free speech in a wildly dishonest, silly and illogical Religion News Service article…

Saturday Night Cinema: Sleep My Love

I return to my favorite genre for tonight’s Saturday Night Cinema selection, the noir mystery, Sleep My Love. Claudette Colbert is very good in this wife-in-distress thriller. This noir mystery thriller was produced by Mary Pickford and her husband Buddy Rogers, and directed by Douglas Sirk. Claudette Colbert stars as Alison Courtland, a wealthy New…


This will be the legacy of the Obama administration — #hashtag foreign policy. The #BringBackOurGirls hashtag “diplomacy” is nothing new. The Obama administration is fighting the jihadists with a twitter account, Think Again, Turn Away. “We are actually giving al Qaeda the benefit of the doubt because we are answering their arguments,” says Alberto Fernandez,…

Hagia Sophia to be mosque and museum, PM Erdogan to pray there, icons to be cast into shadow to avoid offending Islam

Obama’s “most trusted ally” Turkish prime-minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is organizing Muslim prayer at Hagia Sophia Church in Istanbul. The Muslim prayer will probably be performed during the annual celebrations of the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks in 1453, just before the August elections, when Erdogan wants to retake his office of prime-minister….

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