Major Jewish Groups Bitterly Rebuke UCLA Over Departure of Student Leader Due to BDS Harassment

Major Jewish groups? Major Jewish groups are largely responsible for this failure of leadership and fortitude in the face of growing antisemitism rooted in Islamic Jew-hatred. Jewish leadership has quietly supported BDS (the 21st-century version of Kristallnacht) through groups such as the New Israel Fund and shunning voices of freedom. The UJA LA canceled a…

Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Walls Closing In for Jews at UCLA — and in America

Please go over to The American Thinker and check out my article on the craven cowardice of UCLA administration officials in the face of Nuremberg “petitions” and “ethics”: “Walls Closing In for Jews at UCLA — and in America,” American Thinker Pamela Geller After years of battering and bullying, we have reached a tipping point….

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