IRS’s Lois Lerner was former FEC Autocrat Terrorizing Conservative and Christian Groups while Refusing to Pursue Obama’s Illegal and Foreign Contributions

Obama’s campaign contributions from Gaza Did you ever wonder why the FEC (Federal Election Commission) never took any action on all the charges about Obama’s eligibility and foreign campaign donations? Longtime Atlas readers remember the blockbuster stories I broke during the early summer 2008 on illegal contributions, foreign contributions, contributions from Hamas-controlled areas in Gaza,…

Obama Admits He’s “Not Familiar” With House Bill

Blue Dog Democrats supposedly "on the fence" about healthcare. A polite call expressing your concern about the current bill under consideration is greatly appreciated. Zack Space (D-Ohio) (202) 225-6265Mike Ross (D-Ark) (202) 225-3772Earl Pomeroy (D- ND) (202) 225-2611John Barrow (D-GA) (202) 225-2823Bart Gordon (D-Tenn) (202) 225-4231Baron Hill (D-Ind) (202) 225-5315Jim Matheson (D-UT) (202) 225-3011Charlie Melancon…

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