Israel: US Muslim Who Attacked, Stoned Police During Riots Alleges He Was Beaten in Israeli Custody; Obama Springs into Action

The malevolent lopsided treatment of the jihad onslaught in Israel by the Obama administration (and the enemedia) is at a fever pitch. The kidnapping and murder of three Jewish kids was a passing news story. But the subsequent murder of a Muslim teen in Jerusalem and today’s story of a US Palestinian’s arrest has lit…

WAR Blogger LIVE Interview: Natan Sharansky

Alan Roth of One Jerusalem.Org has put together another groundbreaking, no holds barred blogger interview with key players in the sphere during this critical time in human history. Much kudos to Alan for this and last week's interview with Dore Gold, LIVE IN JERUSALEM. Taking down the Jihad media one blow to the keppe at…

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