Muslim Museum Guard, Muslim Family Arrested in Giant Gold Coin Theft From Berlin Museum

The BBC calls the perps an “Arab crime family.” Uh huh. The New York Times doesn’t mention their ethnicity — only saying, “Around 300 German police officers and members of the special forces, heavily armed and wearing masks, made the four arrests on Wednesday, mostly in the Neukölln neighborhood, which is populated with large communities of immigrants and hipsters.”


Spain: Muslim Burns Marian Statues and Defacing Churches in France

More of the poison fruit of Europe’s disastrous and suicidal immigration policies. This is going to become a fact of daily life in Europe. “Spain: Muslim Burns Marian Statues,” by Paul Bois, Truth Revolt, September 16, 2016: Continuing the onslaught of Muslim vandalism against Europe’s Catholic heritage, a North African migrant has been charged with…

PHOTOS: Churches in Syria in Ruins — Desecrated, Icons and Statues Smashed‏‎

While the non-Muslim world (Dar al-Harb — “House of War” or Dar al-Garb — “House of the West”) is constantly being schooled and berated with more calls for “tolerance,” “mutual understanding,” “inter-faith dialogue” and various forms of kitman and taqiyya, the Islamic war against non-Muslims escalates. Where are the Muslim groups condemning this? Where are the calls to expunge the quran and Islamic texts and teachings that command such destruction and slaughter?


NBC News Deceives, Equivocates to Cover Muslims’ Vicious Destruction of Non-Islamic Symbols, Artifacts, Icons

“Allah ordered Prophet Mohammed to destroy idols” The sickness of the media knows no bounds. NBC News finally decides to address the Islamic destruction of ancient documents in Timbuktu and dares to assign this vicious, anti-human destruction onto other religions. Ian Johnston, Staff Writer, NBC News, writes here: Why extreme Islamists are intent on destroying…

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