The Backward Forward: “Why Jews Should Ride With Muslims in Sydney” #illridewithyou? #takenforaride

Chilling: Nazi Party representatives attend 1933 Berlin Jewish Community Charity Drive gathering The uber-left Jewish newspaper, “The Forward,” is at it again. They never miss an opportunity to attack and smear those who stand in defense of the Jews or who advocate for the Jewish state. Nor do they miss an opportunity to lick the…

Jews for Jihad: Jewish Donors Funded Harvard Students’ Trip to Arafat’s Grave

Many have criticized me for my vocal denunciations of American Jewish leadership. Many Jews have been my most vocal critics: The Toronto Board of Rabbis, the embarrassingly self-loathing Union of Reform Judaism, lost and dangerous NY Rabbis, UJA-LA, etc. It is not me that they expose; it is themselves.

These quisling Jews are a pox on our house. Twinning with jihad mosques, stepping and fetching for Muslim Brotherhood groups, they are this century’s kapos — aiding and abetting our executioners. It would make sense that if your oppose my work, you support jihad and Jew-hatred.

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