Gerstle is what is wrong with this country

Shame on him, the cowardly bastard. Andrea Shea King writes: The family rescued by George Zimmerman after a rollover crash in Florida are terrified they will become targets for hate mobs. Mark and Dana Michelle Gerstle said they do not want to talk publicly about Zimmerman for fear they will be accused of portraying him…


Obama and Iran’s Foreign Ministry criticizes acquittal of George Zimmerman

The dead bodies of Ayaz Marhoni, left, and Mahmoud Asgari, right, Edalat (Justice) Square, Mashad, Iran hung for homosexuality. Congratulations, Obama. You now have a near-perfect record of siding with savages, supremacists, oppressors, et al. Let see, Iran, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Gaza, while betraying our allies time and time again. Of course, Iran does not…


Pamela Geller, WND Column: A president-sanctioned lynch mob

Read my column today at WND: DEFENDING THE WEST A president-sanctioned lynch mob Exclusive: Pamela Geller on DOJ probe: 'Leave George Zimmerman alone, vultures' he demonstrations and unrest following the just acquittal of George Zimmerman are more of the poison fruit from Obama’s war on America. Now Trayvon protesters have burned flags and smashed a…


The Truth About George Zimmerman

The day before yesterday I ran a backgrounder on Trayvon Martin (elaborating on this), revealing who he was and what he did before that night. I was remiss not to address George Zimmerman's history before that fateful night. Back Fence has this: The media and majority of blacks want you to believe that George Zimmerman…


“Poor-Man’s PCP”

More of what the media isn't telling you about Trayvon Martin's thug life. The story of the six foot two inch little boy who went to the store for some Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Cocktail Juice to satisfy a young man's sweet tooth is just another vicious media fiction. Andrea Shea King here: Among…


The Truth about Trayvon

Here's a Trayvon Martoin backgrounder. How vicious is an enemedia bent on pursuing Obama's war on America? Let's have a look at what they didn't report (much thanks to The Last Refuge, who has been doing yeoman's work on this case since the lynching began): Trayvon Martin’s Involvement In Local Burglaries Covered Up By Media,…


Florida state attorney staffer FIRED over testimony that prosecutors withheld evidence from George Zimmerman’s defense team

This horrible case is exposing all of the corruption and conspiracy at the state, federal and local level, is it not? On the federal level, we now know that Obama's Department of Justice organized race riots in concert with Al Sharpton. On a local level, Trayvon Martin’s involvement in burglaries and other criminal activity was…


“This is for Trayvon!”

Congratulations, Obama, it's open season on anyone who is not a thug. Is Holder investigating if this man's civil rights were violated? Is anyone even looking for these racist thugs? Witness claims youths yelled 'this is for Trayvon' in beating The Baltimore Sun, July 15, 2013 Police still investigating claim in beating of Hispanic man…


“Tragic, unnecessary” Double Jeopardy in Race America

A demonstrator wears a shirt with a picture of George Zimmerman as a target during a protest What happened to double jeopardy? Double jeopardy is a procedural defence that forbids a defendant from being tried again on the same (or similar) charges following a legitimate acquittal or conviction. They are going to try Zimmerman again…


Trayvon Nation: “Every F***ing Cop Is A Target”

I thought Atlas readers might want to check out some videos of response by the morally superior and immensely tolerant left. Remember, Obama said if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon. Indeed. What is it the left always calls the right? Oh yeah, "meanspirited." Thanks to Laughing at Liberals for the vids….

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