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[ October 21, 2019 ]

WSJ: Trump Is Converting GOP to Populist, Pro-Employee Party

[ October 21, 2019 ]

Desperate Warren says she’d withholding aid from Jewish State

[ October 21, 2019 ]

UK: 20-strong Muslim Gang Target ‘White Bastards’, Cut Off Teenager’s Hand with Axe

[ October 21, 2019 ]

[VIDEO] “Intoxicating” Takiya From Imam Tawhidi Exposed and Debunked

[ October 21, 2019 ]

Mitt Romney Has a Secret Twitter Account, Shows Man Obsessed with Trump Hatred and Leading...

[ October 21, 2019 ]

Adding Up Crazy Bernie Sanders’ Socialist Agenda

[ October 21, 2019 ]

Marxists “United in Outrage” fun as Trump Patriots mock protest

[ October 20, 2019 ]

The Link Between The Ten Commandments And Anti-Semitism

[ October 20, 2019 ]

UK: Muslim gets “community order” for “appalling damage” of church, non-Muslim got prison for bacon...

[ October 20, 2019 ]

ICE Deports Convicted Jihadi Who Tried To Bomb New York City


“The whole Syria will pass through Serbia”: Belgrade to face five million “refugees”

My column at WND today addresses the Muslim “migrant” invasion of Europe. If you haven’t read it, go now. Europe is on the verge of descending into utter chaos. Reuters reported that “thousands of migrants stormed across Macedonia’s border on Saturday, overwhelming security forces who threw stun grenades and lashed out with batons before apparently…


Kidnapped Priest Killed, Chopped Up by ISIS as ‘Christians Used as a Form of Currency’

The more monstrous and savage these Muslim supremacists become, the more the West submits to the sharia. Every gruesome act of jihad is met with the shaking fingers of Western leaders, repeating the inane mantra, “Islam is peace.” If Western elites in the media, government, academia and even the Pope had demonized and targeted jihad…


Pamela Geller, WND: Muslim world laughs at Obama’s 50-rebel force

In case you missed my column this week at WND: DEFENDING THE WEST Muslim world laughs at Obama’s 50-rebel force Exclusive: Pamela Geller examines failure of $500 million ‘train and equip’ program The Jerusalem Post reported Thursday that the Muslim world is laughing over the rapid disintegration of Obama’s pathetic 50-man “moderate” Syrian rebel force. Middle East…


Terrorist in the White House

Obama is unequivocally aligned with the jihad force. The media’s deliberate silence on what is de facto treason and this stealth jihad has left the American people blind, deaf and dumb to the coming catastrophes. “Arabs: Why is Obama Siding with Supporters of Terrorism?” by By Khaled Abu Toameh, February 26, 2015 (thanks to Paul…

VIDEO: ‘Dragged by hair and sold for $24 at markets’ – Western Muslim converts buying girls as young as 12 for sex slavery

Has the West now become inured to these unspeakable war crimes? I have been reporting on slave markets, sex slavery for months. It nary raises an eyebrow. “My mother started screaming and begging for mercy as the Daesh [Isis] fighters told my sister and me to join the group of younger women specially selected. “But…

Former Private Schoolboy is the Latest British Muslim to Die Fighting for the Islamic State

Another moderate bites the proverbial dust. From moderate to jihadist just like that. Mehdi Hassan (along with friends Mamunur Roshid, Ifthekar Jaman, Muhammad Hamidur Rahman, Assad Uzzaman) pretended to go on holiday to Turkey, but actually went into Syria to fight for the Islamic State. The idea that is rammed down our throats by Islamic…


UK: Muslim children are being groomed to join jihad, warns aunt of girl who fled to Syria

Here in the US, Muslim parents and relatives who warned of this very thing at Rep. Peter King’s hearings on radicalization were vilified, demonized, and smeared by Hamas-CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood media mouthpieces, and Muslim Brotherhood congressman Hakim Muhammad (Keith Ellison). Above is a CAIR poster and advisory for Muslims not to talk and/or cooperate with…

Raped, tortured, forced to watch beheadings, then beaten when they tried to kill themselves: Non-Muslim girls reveal the hell they endured during Islamic State captivity

This article, like so many in the enemedia, expends as much ink proselytizing for Islam as it does reporting on the savage war crimes of the jihadists in the cause of Islam. This is all according to Islamic law (sharia). Instead of looking into the teachings and texts that have roiled the Middle East, Africa,…

Like Foley and Sotloff, British hostage threatened by Islamic State “helped Muslims”

This is not surprising. Typical, actually. Both James Foley and Steve Sotloff were sympathetic to the jihad cause. Foley went to Syria because he was “exasperated by islamophobia” and wanted to “build bridges between Muslims and Christians.” And Sotloff was supportive of terror organizations in Egypt. And Syria. Many of Sotloff’s tweets show sympathy for…

Michigan Imam Popular with Savage Jihadists Slapped with Travel and Computer Restrictions

According to three different surveys, jihad and sharia are being taught, promoted, and advanced in over 80% of American mosques. How many more imams are advocating for jihad in the cause of Islam? Not only is this devout cleric administering his poison to Muslim congregants at his mosque and abroad (via social media),  he speaks…

Pamela Geller, WND Column: Muslim medical student is ‘happy’ recruit for jihad

Don’t miss my weekly column today at World Net Daily. Stay on top of what’s really happening. Follow me on Twitter here. Like me on Facebook here. DEFENDING THE WEST Muslim medical student is ‘happy’ recruit for jihad Exclusive: Pamela Geller dispels popular myth about demographics of Islamic terrorists The Telegraph on Saturday profiled Nasser…

America Muslim Suicide Bomber in Syria was Florida-born, raised in middle-class family

Giving proof to the lie that poverty, illiteracy, immigration status and all the other nonsense  excuses political and academic elites make for jihad — A school photograph taken in 2006, shows a handsome, smiling, all-American looking boy. Neighbors say he was a “normal boy.” Yes, until he became religious and pious, he was “normal.” It’s…

‘Syria’s jihad death toll now exceeds 140,000’

140,000 dead, and the world obsesses over …. Israel. Muslims march into Cyprus and take over the northern half of the country, and the world obsesses over ….. Israel. Millions of refugees were displaced by the partition of India, and the world obsesses over fictional Palestinian refugees. Devout Muslim groups are waging bloody jihad in Nigeria, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Lebanon, Egypt, China, the Philippines, Syria, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, the Central African Republic, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, and the world is obsessed with Soda Stream.

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