VIDEO: Simon Deng speaks at “Islamic Apartheid” Conference at Temple University

Former slave from Sudan and leader of the Freedom movement, Sinom Deng, speaks at "Islamic Apartheid Week," April 23, 2012. David Horowitz Freedom Center and The Students For Intellectual Freedom hosted this conference at Temple University on the evening of April 23, 2012. Simon Deng was enslaved at the age of 9 by Muslims in…


Sudan Freedom Walk 2010 Begins in NYC:
“How many people have to die in Sudan in order for people to speak out?”

In a heartbreaking press conference in the shadow of that collective negation of humanity, the UN, freedom lovers converged to stand with my great friend and colleague, Simon Deng, a former Sudanese slave, to lead the fourth historic walk from New York to Washington, DC, to gain American support for the referendum to free Southern…

SUDAN: Freedom March

SUDAN FREEDOM WALK: WALK TO END INJUSTICE, GENOCIDE AND MODERN SLAVERY Noon United nations The Sudan Freedom Walk Campaign was initiated by Simon Deng, a Sudanese man captured into slavery as a child in Sudan. He later escaped bondage and now resides in New York City, but travels often to spread awareness about modern slavery…

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