“Justice for Fatima” Protest June 10th, Tampa, Florida
Stand Against Honor Killing Cover-Up

    AFDI/SIOA Rally for Justice for Fatima Abdallah to Call On Tampa Police to Reopen Case of Her Suspicious Death Yahoo News TAMPA, Fla., May 31, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A prominent national human rights and advocacy organization is calling upon Tampa city and Florida state officials to conduct an honest and thorough investigation into the…


Human Rights Organization SIOA Vows to Fight Far-Left Propaganda Group’s ‘Hate Group’ Designation

NRO on leftwing propaganda smear. Atlas readers, did you vote no? Southern Poverty Law Fraud Center Jeff Dunetz over at News Real Blog has a detailed history of these destroyers. Human Rights Organization SIOA Vows to Fight Far-Left Propaganda Group's 'Hate Group' Designation Reuters Over at Yahoo News:  A prominent national human rights and advocacy…


Southern Poverty Law Center Maligns SIOA as “Hate Group”

One day after another Islamic supremacist plot was thwarted in Texas (with the intention of "killing infidel Americans" with "weapons of mass destruction"), the subversive uber-leftwing fringe group, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), has slandered our human rights organization, SIOA, as a "hate group." The haters and deceivers  accuse us of what they themselves…


Muslim “call to prayer” at 6AM in Brooklyn, NY

Aren't there nuisance laws, public ordinances, and disturbing the peace laws? I mean, really. This is harassment and attrition.   Hat tip Tom via Logans Warning UPDATE: How about a polite "be a good neighbor" mash note? Imam Siraj WahajMasjid al-Taqwa  ( translation: mosque of strength or endurance)1266 Bedford Ave.New York, NY 11216 Email: taqwasec@aol.com (thanks to…


Live Panel: International Human Rights Day: What the West Needs to Know, Geller, Spencer, Hamid, Sekulow, McDonnell

I will buzzing about the next few days and will be speaking in DC. If you are in the Washington area on Thursday the 16th, join us. Ashraf Ramelah, President of Voice of the Copts, has put together a powerful panel to speak out against the unspeakable persecution and genocide of the Coptic Christians by…


AFDI/SIOA Calls on Oregon College to Reinstate Teacher, Repudiate Islamic Supremacist Hate Group CAIR

Over at CNBC: AFDI/SIOA Calls on Oregon College to Reinstate Teacher, Repudiate Islamic Supremacist Hate Group CAIR NEW YORK, Dec. 7, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — The human rights group Stop Islamization of America (SIOA), a program of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), today called on Lane Community College of Eugene, Oregon to reinstate…


Canada Takes the Lead of the Free World in Global Paradigm Shift:
Boycotts Durban III in NYC

From Durban:   Once again we look north for leadership with a moral compass. Gd bless Canada. Obama, you shame us, yet again. Canada will boycott a planned antisemitic UN conference on racism in New York in September because it promises to be nothing more than a “hatefest,” directed largely at Israel. Like the Ground…


UN Racist Hatefest, Durban III, Comes to NYC on 10th Anniversary of 911
FDI/SIOA Mega Protest Against Durban Hate

Another victory lap for Islamic supremacists. First the Ground Zero mega mosque — now this. Despite the outrage and outcry by decent, free men against the genocidal racists of Durban, the hatefest will go forward on the tenth anniversary month of the September 11th attacks. Bam enbarrassed us, yet again, and did not take a…


Global Freedom Initiative Leadership Moves:
Amil Imani Named Head of Newly Formed Iran Freedom Initiative

Excellent news …… our freedom defense initiative has brought two great defenders of freedom aboard. Robert Spencer, Amil Imani, and Pamela Geller in Dallas, November 12, 2010 Our Global Freedom Initiative,TM including American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI)TM, Freedom Defense Initiative (FDI)TM, European Freedom Defense InitiativeTM, European Freedom InitiativeTM, Israel Freedom Initiative, SIOE, SIAD, SIO Poland,…


FDI/SIOA Announces Worldwide Protest of Racism Hatefest Durban III Set for NYC, Sept 2011

If this genocidal, bloodthirsty hatefest comes to New York City the same month as the tenth anniversary of 911, the worst Islamic attacks in our nation's history, we will be there to stop them. SIOA, along with our groups American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI)TM, Freedom Defense Initiative (FDI)TM, European Freedom Defense Initiative, European Freedom Initiative,…


SIOA/FDI Urge Churches and Synagogues to Welcome Muslims to their Congregations and Learn More about Judeo-Christian Values

The Islamic supremacist Muslim Brotherhood summit on the Ground Zero mosque announced yesterday that the answer to the 97% of Americans who oppose the Ground Zero mosque because of its location is — proselytizing to Islam. For more on that, go here. For a look at the players in this subversive summit, go here. The…


NY TImes Moral Depravity: Equating Good with Evil
SIOA = Bloody Murdering Jihadists in Indonesia

In an incomprehensible moral equivocation, The NY Times is equating our rally against the 15-story mega mosque to be built on the site of a building that was partially destroyed in the attacks on September 11 in the name of Islam, with the slaughter and persecution of Christians and the church in Indonesia. Insane? Yes….


Here’s the Geraldo Hit Job Video

Here's the video of my appearance on Geraldo last night. Geraldo epitomized the mainstream media's attempt to marginalize and minimize both our rally against the mega-mosque, and the opposition to the Ground Zero mosque in general. After a long conversation with Pakistan's ambassador to the U.S., Hussein Haqqani, who came out in favor of moving…

Islamic Supremacist Mosques: A Primer for Protest

Islamic supremacist mosques: a primer for protest Emboldened by their man in the White House, the Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), is ratcheting up their offensive on patriotic Americans who dare to challenge Islamic supremacism and the creeping Sharia (Islamic law) into secular American life. On Thursday, CAIR published an…

SIOA Condemns Obama’s Blessing of Ground Zero Mega-Mosque; Bolton, Wilders, to Speak At 9/11 Rally

SIOA Condemns Obama's Blessing of Ground Zero Mega-Mosque NEW YORK, Aug. 14 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The human rights organization Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) strongly condemns Barack Obama's blessing of the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque to be built at the hallowed ground of the September 11, 2001 jihad terror attack. SIOA founder and executive director Pamela Geller…

SIOA TRADEMARK LAWSUIT: Position Paper on Fighting Sharia (Islamic Law)

As you may recall, I applied for a trademark registration for SIOA. It was rejected (here) because the trademark office defined “Islamisation” to mean “Islamic” and said “stop” suggests there is reason to stop Islam simply and Muslims qua Muslims. Thus, the trademark, ruled the “Office Action,” disparaged Muslims and linked them to terrorism. The…


Christian Science Monitor Shills for Death Penalty for Apostates

Anyone who is against the Leaving Islam? bus ads supports the death penalty for apostates (converts out of Islam.) It's just that simple. The suggestion that I am urging Muslims to leave Islam is fallacious. The ads do not say "Leave Islam!" The ads read "Leaving Islam?," and are directed to Muslims in danger. Are…

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