NYC: Devout Muslim Cab Drivers Impose Sharia on Taxi Tops, “We are Muslims, and we do not like the ads” TLC Caves

Last year I created a taxi top ad campaign for the victims of honor killings. More on the SIOA Honor Killings Taxi Campaign, scroll here. Muslim cab drivers protested (in obvious support of the sharia) and were taking the signs down. Yellow Cab CEO Michael Levine said at the time, "when Yellow Cab became aware…

Honor Killing Taxis Hit the Streets of NYC, Boston and DC

  "Honor murders are" deeply connected with Islam – even if his representative denied this time and again. Where Islam prevails – there is by far the highest number of such killings in the name of a concept of honor that proves on closer examination, as a deeply patriarchal, pre-modern and cowardly.  "Honor murders are"…

Washington Times: Ads on cabs target honor killings

Talking about SIOA's honor killing taxis ads…………….. Ads on cabs target honor killings Pakistani human rights activists demonstrate outside Parliament in Islamabad. in 2008 The brutality of recent "honor killings" and the police response have sparked outrage in Pakistan Ads on Cabs Target Honor Killings Michal Elseth, Washington Times Pakistani human rights activists demonstrate outside…

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