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[ October 21, 2019 ]

WSJ: Trump Is Converting GOP to Populist, Pro-Employee Party

[ October 21, 2019 ]

Desperate Warren says she’d withholding aid from Jewish State

[ October 21, 2019 ]

UK: 20-strong Muslim Gang Target ‘White Bastards’, Cut Off Teenager’s Hand with Axe

[ October 21, 2019 ]

[VIDEO] “Intoxicating” Takiya From Imam Tawhidi Exposed and Debunked

[ October 21, 2019 ]

Mitt Romney Has a Secret Twitter Account, Shows Man Obsessed with Trump Hatred and Leading...

[ October 21, 2019 ]

Adding Up Crazy Bernie Sanders’ Socialist Agenda

[ October 21, 2019 ]

Marxists “United in Outrage” fun as Trump Patriots mock protest

[ October 20, 2019 ]

The Link Between The Ten Commandments And Anti-Semitism

[ October 20, 2019 ]

UK: Muslim gets “community order” for “appalling damage” of church, non-Muslim got prison for bacon...

[ October 20, 2019 ]

ICE Deports Convicted Jihadi Who Tried To Bomb New York City


Pamela Geller, Breitbart: “Jihad Escalates in Copenhagen”

Please read, share, email my latest at Breitbart: Jihad Escalates in Copenhagen Pamela Geller, Breitbart News This is war. Real war, not theoretical war. Not one day after we announced the First Annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest, an event featuring Muhammad cartoonist Lars Vilks in Copenhagen, Denmark was attacked in the continuing war on our…


Denmark: Muslim Jihad Murderer ‘was released from prison two weeks ago’

Prisons are hotbeds of jihad recruitment and dawah. Jailhouse jihad. Copenhagen suspect ‘was released from prison two weeks ago’ Copenhagen terror attack suspect named as 22-year-old Omar el-Hussein, who ‘had violent past’ Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, the Copenhagen shooter, and his victims; inset, top, Dan Uzan and bottom, Finn Norgaard By David Chazan and Julian…

Danish magazine for lawyers: Free speech is only democratic as long as it does not provoke violent people

Freedom of speech is the first, last and most essential freedom. The right to hold any view and to express it. It’s the most fundamental tenet of a free society. No ifs, ands, buts or sharia. Western elites are framing sharia restrictions on speech (blasphemy) under the Orwellian guise of tolerance. But what could be…


#myjihad in Denmark: “Denmark Unsafe for Jews”

"Op-Ed: EXPOSÉ: Something is Rotten in a Denmark Unsafe for Jews" March 08, 2013, INN It’s just as unsafe in 2013 to be a Jew in Copenhagen as it is to be a Jew in an Arab country. In 2001, a poster in Arabic was pinned up on the notice board at a Copenhagen college….

JEWISH GENOCIDE WATCH: NEW VIDEO Pro-Hamas rioters attack police in Copenhagen

"Down down USA, Down down USA!" The "anti-war" and the peace demonstrators in the name of Orwellian peace attack the thin blue line, police. The huge leftard support of Islamic jihad bespeaks a morally bankrupt people. They think they are enlightened? They are sick. UPDATE: ETT has the link to the story in the comment…


I guess Denmark won’t be saving its Jews this holocaust. The recommendation is a abomination. Instead of throwing the thugs and Muslim gangstas right out on their brutish asses  – the civilized little Jewish kid gets banished. Schools caught up in Palestinian conflict hat tip Andrew Bostom Barbed-wire fences and security guards are a regular…


MUSLIM GUNMEN: SUDDEN JIHAD SYNDROME STEEN ATTACK ON JEWS: MUSLIMS OPEN FIRE IN COPENHAGEN, INJURE TWO AP MAKES NO MENTION OF ISRAEL/"PALI" CONNECTION Steen is reporting that the New Year’s eve shooting of Jews at a mall was "Sudden Jihad syndrome". Sudden jihad syndrome should be punishable by death. UPDATE: Steen translates for us, A…


Get your teeth out of our neck. The motoons have become the lightening rod for Islamic thuggery. But it's not about cartoons, it's about Islam's domination and the West's ability to stand. That's it. They just don't get it. And if they don't get it — don't emigrate. Stay in that 7th century wasteland you…

NYU’s Cartoonish Quarantine

I have recently been espousing the work of the scholar NYU's capitulation to fear and thuggery on their recent censure of the display of The Danish Cartoons is here at the American Thinker. I can't run it all but I'd like to….I think alot of this guy. Hit the link and read it all. Oh…

Iran Calls for Global Jihad

Hamas says they will never recognize Israel, no matter what the cost. In its first actions heading the Palestinian Authority, Hamas plans on releasing the murderers of Tourism Minister Rechevam Ze’evi and increasing ties with Iran. JERUSALEM POST: HAMAS: AYATOLLAH WILL HAVE MAJOR ROLE IN PALESTINE D’oh, do they think we are stupid? Hamas is…

Cartoon Riots: `hatred against Islam’ translation “Hatred of the West”

Ahmadinejad to Iranians: Israel Will be removed’ Reason demands recognition of human rights.   Hatred of Islam my ass, stop killing people, live and let live, stop the islamokazees and "we’ll like you. We’ll really like you". Meanwhile more calls to arms today as Cartoon rioting continues unabated across the world . And what of future…

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