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Sweden: After Muslim migrant sexually abuses 14-year-old girls, principal tells girls to cover up, blames them for the abuse


In Islam, it’s always the woman’s fault. She has to cover up so that she doesn’t get sexually assaulted or raped. If she gets sexually assaulted or raped anyway, it’s her fault. This is the mindset that leads to honor killings. This is the cultural and religious attitude that the left insists we must bring in to our country, or else be labeled racist, bigoted islamophobes. And we have seen it many times before, but usually from Muslim clerics.

But this time, this evil misogyny isn’t coming from a Muslim cleric. This time it’s a Swede, a non-Muslim, who is blaming the victims and telling them that being sexually assaulted was their fault, and that it is their responsibility to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

They don’t call identification with one’s abuser “Stockholm Syndrome” for nothing. This Swedish principal has it in spades. What he is advocating is essentially cultural surrender and the adoption of Islamic mores and perspectives. Followed through to its natural conclusion, what he is saying is that Sweden should adopt sharia, and that Swedish girls should all start wearing the hijab or even the niqab.

It’s going to happen. And it’s going to happen more quickly than anyone thinks. This is what multiculturalism leads to: abject cultural surrender.

“Rector of the girls before Ahmed’s rape: ‘Cover yourself and do not go so erotic,’” translated from FriaTider, October 30, 2017:

DOMESTIC. When an immigrant prisoner sexually abused 14-year-old girls at the school in Malmö, the principal instructed the victims to think about how they dressed and not to “go erotic”. Even though one of the immigrants was convicted of the abuse, he was allowed to stay – and now the young Arab has been arrested for child rape against a student at the same school.

During the autumn term of 2016, three 14-year-old Swedish girls were exposed to a series of cases of sexual abuse of young men with immigrant backgrounds. The abuse took place at a primary school in Malmö.

Only Ahmed, who comes from the Arab world and today declares himself 16 years old, was convicted of crimes. On several occasions, Ahmed had hit the girls on the buttocks, put on their breasts and tried to pull one of the girls’ skirts together with their friends, who also have immigrant backgrounds.

Ahmed also committed two cases of ill-treatment during the same period as the six-month casualties were ongoing. The first point is that he hit one of the girls on her butt with a ruler and her hand so she got bruised. The second point is that he threw a pet bottle of water in the back of another girl so she got back in her back. The motive should have been that he was angry for she “cheated” to the chief executive of the six-cheek victims.

When they told them about the abuse of the director, who is a Swedish man, the girls experienced that they did not get an audience for what they were telling, writes Kvällsposten.

“The first time we talked with him, he said that the reason they were popping was that we” went erotic “and that we did not cover us enough,” said the 15-year-old girl to the newspaper.

Ahmed refused to be guilty of crimes. To the director he has said that Isabella and her friends have dressed “sexy” and have invited themselves to be undecided.

On October 5, 2017, Malmö District Court announced the verdict. Ahmed was convicted of three cases of sexual abuse to 50 hours of youth service. He will also pay several thousand kronor in damages to each girl – a total of 47,400 kronor.

But after the judgment, Ahmed was allowed to go to school after all. The 16-year-old Arab is now suspected of raping a girl at school under the age of 15 and has been arrested, writes Kvällsposten.

The children’s violence is reported to have taken place during the school’s sports day, less than two weeks after Ahmed was convicted of sexual assault…..

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